These Medical Students In Jamshoro Made A Hilarious Viral Video To Show Everyone They're A Family And It’s Amazing

By Rameeza Ahmad | 29 Sep, 2018

Medical students have it tough globally and usually, people expect them to be very studious and boring.

But the graduating batch of medical students at Liaquat Medical decided to change this stereotype by doing something completely out of the box. They made an entire video on a beloved Indian song from most of our childhoods.

Source: FD Productions Via Facebook

Clearly the medical students at Liaquat University for Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro know how to make an exit!

And the song is the ‘Star Pariwaar’ song from Star Plus, where all the well-loved characters from different shows came together for one song to thank the viewers for supporting them. The music video for the song was considered one of the most ambitious cross-over of its time.

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The students of Group C decided to leave their university with a bang by making a video they would not only remember forever but would be viewed and enjoyed of millions of other people.

The video starts with a female student inviting everyone inside the college as the gates open.

Source: FD Productions Via Facebook

And then there are multiple other shots in other locations. There is a lot of signature Shahrukh Khan side tilt and arm spreading poses and lots of laughs.

And even comedic scenes where a student pretends to have died and then suddenly comes alive which results in everyone dancing. It’s crazy.

In the end, the group stands together in a ground and says a few chants. And the last shot is of a farewell cake the entire crew had made for themselves.

The video is a great way for the students to remember their days by at medical school as they graduate and part ways. You can watch the entire video here:

LM-13 (Group C Pariwaar) – Lumhs Jamshoro

LM-13 (Group C Pariwaar) – Lumhs JamshoroIdea & Concept by: Amrat LalwaniImplemented & Directed by: Syed Haider Ali FDBTS Link : by: LM-13 (group-C)Quality is our first priority!Watch in HD full Cinematic experience We are now taking bookings for Sept 2018 – Jan 2019. For details please email us on or you can also call on +92 333 270 4836 Team FD ProductionsEdit & Post: FD ProductionsDOP: Syed Haider Ali FD Audio/Track: Star Pariwar by Star plusSyed Haider Ali | FD Productions 2018#FD_Productions #cinematics #photography #lumhs #university #haider_fd #star_c_group #champions #lm13

Gepostet von FD Productions am Samstag, 15. September 2018

What do you think of this video made by the students of Liaquat Medical? Let us know in the comments!

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Cover Image Source: FD Productions via Facebook

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