13 Things It Feels Like When You Lose Your Mobile Phone

By Sarmad Amer | 21 Jan, 2017

A mobile phone is like a life-line these days. You’re as attached to it, as you are to your arms, legs, fingers, eyes… you get the point. It goes with you, literally, everywhere. And you cannot even imagine surviving in this big bad world without your trusty phone in your hands. But have you ever lost your phone?

If you ever do lose your phone, or have it snatched (for you Karachi folks), you’ll realize what pain actually means. It’s not physical pain, but dil ka dardsakht wala. Here are all the things it feels like if you’ve ever lost your phone:

1. Like the time you went out with friends and realized your jaib was khaali

2. Or the time you saw your crush for the first time without her full cake on


3. Or that time when everyone ditched you

4. How about that time when you forgot your charger in the office… all weekend long


5. And when ammi made yellow daal but like the one you get at the hospital


6. Uff… how about this one?


7. And if you’re a coke addict, you’ll know how real this one is

Zaalima… Coca Cola pila de.


8. That time when you forgot to pay the bill


9. Or this one when it was cold, you’re packed in your razai but have nothing to munch on


10. Ayee… things are getting serious now


11. Really serious


12. Oh no! Any tea drinker worth their chuski can tell you how real this is


13. But all said and done, basically a life without your phone is like this


What would you life be, if you ever lost your phone or had it stolen (sorry, Karachi kids, can’t forget you guys)?

Cover image via: Dharma Productions

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