17 Struggles Only Girls With Long Hair Can Relate To

By Sanaa Bajwa | 24 Jan, 2016

Pakistani’s love their long haired girls, with short hair being far too modern for some aunties to handle. But theyre not easy to live with. Here are 17 ways our luscious locks make us wish we chopped it all off.


1. Every time you take a shower you leave the drain clogged.

There is a mini flood in your bathroom every time you shower.

Source: odditymall.com


2. It gets EVERYWHERE.

On the sofas. In the food. 90% of jharoo-ed material is basically just your hair.

Via Tumblr

It looks like you spend all day doing this.


3. Straightening it requires upper body strength that you just don’t have.

Via Tumblr

Or doing anything to it really.


4. ‘Length pay depend kerta hai.’

Your most dreaded sentence at parlors. They immediately hike up their prices for anything from a blow dry to a cut once they see how long your hair is.

Via Tumblr

Aap ka Rs.500 extra lagay ga.


5. It gets stuck everywhere.

Necklaces, rings, doors, random nails. You lose little bundles every time you try to free yourself.

Via Tumblr

This is pretty much the only solution.


6. It needs its own place to sleep.

It gets stuck under your back, wraps around your neck, smothers your face until you wish it came with a detachable option.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures


7. There is no such thing as a quick shower.

Shampooing, conditioning and drying takes At least an hour.

Via Giphy


8. You get mini heart attacks every time it starts to fall out.

Please don’t leave me!

Via Tumblr


9. You have actually considered sporting bob cuts.

Brushing your hair wouldn’t take more than a minute. Imagine.

Via Tumblr


10. Brushing your hair can actually take anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour.

Your brush is full of fallen comrades.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures


11. Split ends are your worst nightmare.

You obsess over their reappearance and get them treated ASAP. Chop chop chop.

Via Pinterest

Identified at least 5? Yup. Obsessed.


12. You assess hair bands for strength and flexibility.

Can they complete the ultimate test of three rounds? Or will they snap at the 2 and ½ point?

Via Tumblr


13. You find yourself fiddling with it all the time.

In class, at a boring dinner, while watching tv you’re not idly scanning for split ends or you’re idly braiding it.

Source: Ali Rush / YouTube


14. Bio Amla to John Frieda, you’ve tried it all.

You’re an expert on hair products of all kinds. And you have very specific favorites that your hair rebels without.

Via Tumblr


15. Desi ghee? Eggs and yoghurt? Coffee?

It’s all been in your hair at one point or the other.

Source: Miraqsam Media


16. But good hair days make you feel like a Bollywood princess.

Source: SLB Films


17. Despite all the trouble it gives you, you wouldn’t actually ever part ways with it.

Source: Dharma Productions

Ladies, tag your long-haired friends.



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