15 Struggles Every Friend In A Long Distance Friendship Knows To Be True

By Astarte | 14 May, 2020

Most of us, at some point in time, reach that dreaded crossroad when we have to part ways with our best friend. Whether it’s them moving away for school or work, or it’s thanks to something as unexpected as a pandemic that forces everyone to stay away from their loved ones to keep themselves and others safe, it’s never easy to deal with the gaping hole left behind by your BFF’s absence.

If you’ve ever experienced this, you’re sure to have witnessed one or more of these:


1. You will dial their number to make plans but then realize they’re not going to be able to make actual plans to hangout with y0ur long distance buddy

The first thing you deal that happens when you’re have a long-distance-best-friend is the denial. You often find yourself dialing their  number or plan on inviting them over, only to have the cold, harsh truth smack you in the face all over again.

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2. Your most important friend will not be around for important events anymore because thanks to circumstances you have to be long distance

The first birthday you spend without your best friend will probably just consist of you sitting in your room, reminiscing, eating cake and maybe, possibly, crying a lot.

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3. Time zones will be a problem if your friend is in another country

Friend: “I’ll call you around 4 pm”

You: “4 pm my time or 4 pm your time?”

A conversation you’ve probably had more often than you’d like to admit.

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4. FOMO will be SUPER real because you and your long distance bestie can’t really see each other physically and enjoy the company of each other in silence

The Fear Of Missing Out is real. You’re constantly feeling like you’re being deprived of their friendship.

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5. You will feel super helpless for not being able to be there for your long distance bestie all the time

Whenever something bad happens in their life, you wish you could be there to fight for them. But, alas, you’re thousands of miles away. Sigh.

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6. Missed Skype/Zoom/Meetings/Hangouts dates will be your life

Remember how you both promised to keep in touch by Skyping each other 24/7? Then life got in the way and one of you two was always busy at the wrong time..

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7. Snapchat will be your best friend because it helps you stay in touch with your long distance buddy

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You reach that point in your friendship when the only way you know what they’re up to is by watching their Snapchat story.. Like 15 times.


8. But it will also show you how much fun they’re having without you because of this long distance

Source: Oriental Films

Those constant Snapchats of them with their family or roommates, making bread and enjoying themselves will annoy you. All without you. Remember how you’d always thought that living without your BFF would be impossible? Plot twist: you survived!


9. You may also start feeling jealous over each others’ new circumstances

We’re grown ups and know that people can make other friends, but does that stop us from getting jealous? NO. Every picture they upload and every story they tell us about them ignites a burning rage within us.

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10. When you finally do catch up you will talk for, literally, hours

After going weeks without updating each other, when you finally do fill each other in with all the gossip you’ve been saving up. You tell them every little detail so they can feel as included as possible.

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11. You’re constantly counting down the days until you get to see them again.

Source: Hum Network Limited

You anxiously count down the months, days and hours until you can be reunited with your best friend.


12. And then when you’re finally reunited you’ll have SO MANY feelings.

That first meeting after months apart is equally awkward and amazing. The day you’ve been desperately waiting for is finally here and all you want to do is run to them like:

Source: AN Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. / Showcase Films


13. But you’ll always pick up right where you left off.

The best thing about having a best friend is that no matter what the distance, you always pick up where you left off. In no time, you’re back to being as weird as you always were.

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14. And there will be lots of laughter.

It’s so great to sit with them, chai in hand, and talk about all your crazy memories together.

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15. And, of course, GIFTS!

Call it superficial if you want, we all know that the one thing we look forward to more than our beloved best friend’s face is the bag of gifts they bring with them.

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Despite the distance that separates you two, nothing can ever come between you and your best friend. No time-zone is great enough, no continent far enough to tear you two apart.


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