Loadshedding Has Returned In Full Force And Pakistanis Are Trolling The Government For It

Loadshedding Has Returned In Full Force And Pakistanis Are Trolling The Government For It

Summer is here, in all it’s might, wrath and fury. While the rest of the world goes out tanning and enjoying the summer days, Pakistanis don’t just fall prey to the shadeed garmi every year. They are also plagued with extreme shortage of electricity. Loadshedding is the unwanted summer mehmaan that we all forced to put up with because of the gross negligence on the part of every government but this time Pakistanis are NOT having it.

Shortage of electricity is not news, especially when you see little to no efforts being made to construct dams or work towards an alternate energy source. However, people have been quick to note how terrible the consequences are this time, especially since the heat wave has claimed so many lives the past few years.


It is no surprise that the suburban and rural areas are prone to a more drastic load shedding schedules than the urban metropolis, as broken down by this individual:


While another noted the performances of each administration, despite tall promises of “no loadshedding” by the Sharif regime.


Some good folks, however, have taken a more comical route.

Such as these kind fellas in Charsadda who staged a protest against loadshedding, carrying out a ceremonial “janazah” of WAPDA.

Source: Dawn.com


The coffin was taken up to a crowd which later made their grievances with WAPDA’s inefficiency known.

Source: Dawn.com

People have even trended #MaryamLightChaliGai to ask Maryam Nawaz about loadshedding


Another person on Twitter wrote, “light ke khambay free time main jab light na ho

Source: @DJShah_ Via: Twitter

One Imran Ahmed shared an image of a bird’s nest on top of the ceiling fan.

He shares this while making a joke about the bird having complete faith that he won’t be squashed by the sad fan any time soon.


He later wrote, “Zaalima bijli lota de” and “Maryam light chali gai

Source: @imraninc


Are you also being held hostage by your electric appliances? Kya aap bhi garmi mein khraab ho rahay hein?


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