This Is What It's Like To Attend An Awards Show If You Are Not A Celebrity

By Iman Zia | 1 May, 2017

So we went to the Hum Awards this past weekend and it was…eventful. Before this I had never attended such a high profile ceremony before (unless you count the Academy Awards where I always happen to be attending and winning awards in my khawab).


When the invitation for the Hum Awards came I had a mix of excitement, as well as a little skepticism because it all sounded rather daunting

Big celebrities, flashing lights and a barricade of cameras having no concept of personal space, with ruddy journalists bellowing amidst all the hustle and bustle, it does sounds scary. And as someone who also suffers from terrible social anxiety, this was something I REALLY didn’t want to go to. I changed my mind when some of my colleagues also showed interest in going.


When we arrived at the venue there was more security than there is for the Prime Minister

Alright, maybe slightly less, but still – there was a A LOT OF security. As soon as we entered the car park, we saw none other than glorious Meera jee standing outside her car with her entourage in a white silvery sequined dress.


We hurried inside as the crowds gathered and the foyer was NOT a disappointment. Chaos is one word to describe scenes at the foyer.


Flashy twisting lights, brands brimming the walls, photographers, cameramen, and the crème de la crème of Pakistan amalgamated into a whirlwind of utter confusion at the red carpet.

Luckily the Expo Center was pretty big so it didn’t feel claustrophobic in the slightest.


My first celeb sighting  on the red carpet was Osman Khalid Butt.

My first thought was how similar he looked to what he looked like on the TV – it’s an odd thing to think of really but I somehow was expecting celebrities to look very different, in real life.

Dressed up girls were flocking to him (naturally) and asking for selfies. Sorry – not asking, more like begging to the point of no return. I noticed he was kind enough to oblige before he rushed into the hall for the main show.


And then the every-gorgeous Reema Khan arrived on the carpet with her husband.

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She looked absolutely divine, and I couldn’t contain my excitement seeing her in person, so close. Like, the almost-mythical Reema was right before my very eyes.


I also managed to catch Maya Ali, Momina Mustehsan, Vaneeza Ahmad among others.

Source: Iman Zia

They looked like dolled up Greek Goddesses and at first glance, I was taken aback. As I got a closer at the red carpet attendees’ looks I saw the layers of battered caked and baked makeup, wrinkle-free skin, sun-kissed hair swishing and swooshing away (hair extensions, I expect) and the most perfect smiles I have ever laid my eyes on.


The men didn’t shy away from having their faces puffed up in some cupcake batter either

So handsome @sami.khan.official #samikhan#loveyoualot

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And I realized the most obvious; this is their job.

All this, it’s what they live for – they work in a visual medium and aesthetically the need to look a very specific way has become a norm, one that not many of them try to break free from, anyway.


I also saw MY MOST FAVORITE TV show’s character in real life and I went absolutely INSANE

Okay, confession time: I don’t know too much about the Pakistani industry, and I’ve only recently become an avid fan of dramas here. With my favorite drama being Diyar E Dil, I was delighted to see Ali Rehman Khan on the red carpet in his dapper rock star look. He was humble in his interviews, and although a little shorter in real life, a wonderfully handsome looking fella.


The pinnacle of the evening was when some attendees to the awards would NOT leave the red carpet.

They kept crawling their way back just for some snaps – it was hilarious; bless their souls. I mean they literally would. Not. Stop.


I got a little tired after a while, waiting for the show to start as celebrities continued to make their way for a photo op.

Mangoes are RED CARPET READY ~ #QmobileHumAwards #Qmobile

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I decided to go for a walk around the foyer as my colleagues were snapchatting. I spotted a few actors dash inside, forgoing the red carpet, like Noman Ijaz.


After what felt like hours standing by the red carpet, the crowds in the foyer faded as the show began inside.

It was far calmer than before and a silence befell the entire area. We were exhausted and we pretty much collapsed on the closest sofas we could find (oh did I mention there were sofas? Gorgeous, gold sofas with little nibbles of biscuits perched on top the cushions and an all you can drink fridge that I attacked all night). The lights were excruciatingly numbing and I was pretty much ready to call it a night – and I still hadn’t witnessed the show itself.

We got some seats towards the back as the show kicked off at around 11pm

We were pretty much dead by that time, but when Shehroz Sabzwari bounced onto the stage to an electrifying dance number, we kind of woke up. He was brilliant, and the choreography was rather impressive. I wasn’t expecting such coordination and syncing, especially among the backup dancers but they did a splendid job. The set was pretty legit too.


The rest of the show was hard to make out because we literally could not hear a thing all the way back at the end of the hall

The sound was awful, and the show kept stopping midway either because of the change in set for another dance number or because of the electric shut downs.

Life time achievement award goes to the legendary #FaridaKhanum Jee #HumAwards

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I also couldn’t help notice how unenthusiastic the audience was. Claps were kept to a minimal and the atmosphere was the opposite of zest and fervor. For example, the Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed to Farida Khanum was my highlight. Seeing her in the flesh was incredible. But the audience response, despite the obligatory standing ovation, was rather lukewarm.


After Mehwish Hayat’s performance on a number of Bollywood songs around 2 am, we were seriously tired

#MehwishHayat's amazing & energetic performance. #happeningNow #HUMPR #HumAwards #QMobile #hautefashion_pk

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I called it a night there because I could barely keep my eyes open. Some of my colleagues who stayed till the end of the whole show got done by 4 am, I heard.

Despite being so tired and craving hibernation for the rest of the summers, I quite enjoyed myself. I was with people I love and we literally messed about the entire night, ogling at celebrities and just taking it all in.

Would I go again? Of course I would, if I go if I had my friends along again, to keep me entertained.


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