13 Struggles You Can Only Understand If You're A Fazool Kharch Person At Heart

By Arslan Athar | 22 Jul, 2017

Paisa, glorious paisa. Money haters will say that it can’t buy you happiness, but heck you’re pretty happy. There are some people in this world who are careful with how much they spend, and then there’s you. You like something, it just has to be yours.

If you love to kharch, you’ll definitely relate to these points:


You always have a list of things you want to buy 

Cash or no cash, you always have a ‘wish list’ going. You keep adding things to it, but rarely remove anything.

Source: HKC Entertainment

The moment your paycheck/allowance is deposited, the world becomes a better place

The bank messages you, and you know the cash is there. Ah, what a feeling. What a moment to be alive.

Source: IRK Films

When you step out into the world, with cash in hand, the possibilities become endless.

Kangal you was scared, but rich you is fearless and doesn’t shy away from big price tags. You roam around looking for something to buy, because you have zero chayn and need to spend LIKE NOW.

Source: Deenga

You won’t rest till you walk back with shopping bags up till your elbow.

You know, like how they show it in the movies.

Via: Tumblr

The urge to spend your newly earned money is even greater if there’s a sale.

That one word has the potential to wipe all your cash away. You know its dangerous but that how you like to live life.

Source: Hum Films

You don’t understand concepts like ‘budgeting’ or ‘savings’ 

What? Leave some money unspent? HAHAHAHA

Source: Deenga

You just keep spending without keeping track of where the money is going 

Source: Dharma Productions

Even if you try, you won’t really be able to save any money

There are just too many receipts and items for you to recall. So you just let it go.

Source: MangoBaaz

You’re ALWAYS left in shock when you see your remaining bank balance

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

Then you look at the date and ‘OMG’ its only been a week into the new month 

Bas itnay se dinno mein itna saara kharcha. 

Source: Deenga

Your kangalapan always frustrates you

Source: Deenga

You promise to have better control over your finances.

Source: Eros

But soon after you make that promise, you’re back to adding new things to buy to your wish list.

Source: The Living Picture

It seems as though somethings never change, even if you look kangal. 


Cover image via: Six Sigma Plus

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