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This is What People Can Learn Today from Allama Iqbal

This is What People Can Learn Today from Allama Iqbal

This is What People Can Learn Today from Allama Iqbal

The people of Pakistan are very familiar with who Dr. Iqbal is. After all, he’s widely regarded as having inspired the political movement for independence of Pakistan from the British Empire. And even though Pakistanis celebrate the Poet of the East every year on November 9th, do they really celebrate him? The funny thing about history is that it’s sometimes left in history books, and like a distant memory fades away until you only have the faintest memory of what once was.


So, let’s turn the page and maybe learn a bit from Allama Iqbal. Who knows, it might just make us better Pakistanis?


1. Pretty sure all the politicians forgot this lesson.




2. Even before Pakistan was formed, Allama Iqbal warned us about Arabization… 



3. Sure, Pakistan is now a free country on paper. But are Pakistanis really free from rulers that dictate their lives?




4. Amen.



5. Kind of like a bunch of people blindly believing an individual just because he claims to know how to read Arabic…



6. People don’t talk like this anymore *sigh*



7. Ah yes, Allama Iqbal’s concept of Khudi. If only we’d remember this…



8. Preach!!!



9. Whaaat? Religion needing rational foundation? So…you can ask questions?



It’s unfortunate to see how the Pakistan of today has strayed from what Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam envisioned. Hopefully, Pakistanis can learn more from their history and re-direct the course of the future.

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