15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Lawyer in Pakistan

By Sarmad Amer | 9 Dec, 2015

You may have heard the phrase “lawyers are liars” but you don’t know how hard a lawyer actually works. They have to spend hours and hours to tell you such complicated things that mostly go over your head. But your lawyers don’t always tell you everything.

These are the things Pakistani lawyers never tell you about their profession:


1. No, burning tyres is not all that a lawyer does

Source: Guardian

There are so many other ways to waste time that occupy a lawyer’s schedule.


2. Lawyers actually hate wearing their black coats

download (3)

Especially during summers


3. But they love the free pass their black coats get them for breaking traffic rules



4. A lawyer does not have time for family ki shaadis or other events

traffic-ticket-600x403Source: Haseeb Javed


5. But they always have time for “networking” events

Source: The New York Times


6. In Pakistan, lawyers have to learn to be selfish

Source: Dawn

Because their bosses never share any of the millions of millions of rupees they charged clients


7. Not all of a lawyer’s work is “in the courts”

Source: Bertha Foundation

in fact, many lawyers spend more time outside the courts than inside it.


8. Unfortunately female lawyers are mostly ornamental

Source: Blogspot

Those fighting for our rights don’t always respect the rights of everyone, sadly.


9. Unless they are Asma Jehangir

Source: Express Tribune


10. ‘Associate’ is another word for slave

traffic-ticket-600x403Source: matzoballl


11. Lincoln’s Inn is not the only place you can become a barrister

traffic-ticket-600x403Source: mujtabaraja

Sure, it is famous because of this guy but that is all there is to it’s fame.


12. Lawyers spend more time with books than they do with people

traffic-ticket-600x403Source: lespetits_plaisirs


13. If you hire a lawyer, you may be paying for the “celebrity” but the real work is done by the unknown, under-appreciated, overworked “juniors”

traffic-ticket-600x403Source: lawyerlyfe


14. There is much more to law than just “criminal and civil”



But best of all…


15. A good lawyer knows the law, the best lawyer knows the judge

Source: pak-times


Cover image source: thepleaders.com
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