13 Signs You are Absolutely Obsessed With Lawn

By Sadia Khan | 17 Mar, 2016

It’s that time of the year when hoardings and billboards around town are only adorned with pretty ladies with flowing dupattas, when “fashion” sections of every newspaper only has “edgy new” collection launches to report about and when women all across Pakistan will turn into incredible hulks over three meters of cloth. Yes, it is lawn season and if you’re anything like a desi Pakistani girl, nothing makes you feel much better than buying a new lawn suit for yourself.

Here’s how to spot if you’re a lawn obsessed Pakistani (and proud of it):


1. You can think of nothing but the new lawn catalogs this time of the year

You are not fond of summers at all, but the only reason you are glad that March is approaching is, no, not because of the spring season, because of the latest lawn collection in the stores. You just can’t keep your calm. We bet, you have already been planning to buy that one dress you saw on their Facebook page.

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2. The billboards take your breath away

And there are so many to look at, this time of the year! You seem to lose your focus on the road while driving because you’re just too busy concentrating on the billboards around you.

Source: Pakium


3. You still can’t part with the pretty dresses you made from the stash from seasons past

You know you are totally obsessed with lawn clothes when you can’t ever decide which dress you’re willing to give away to your maasi. That’s when your mom enters the scene, “beta, kia ye tarbeat ki hai mainey apki?” Of course, she isn’t this polite in real life.

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4. You are saving up your yearly savings for the sales

Life is never as beautiful for you as it is when there is a sale on lawn clothes. Let it be any brand, if it is offering 30 to 50% off. You’d do anything to go there. Perhaps, you have even been into one of those crazy videos about these sales.

Source: Buzzfeed


5. You troll places like Daraz every hour to check if there’s a sale

With online sales being a thing, thanks to Daraz and their infamous black Friday, you don’t leave anything to chance. You are refreshing your pages every hour to be the first one to snag that Sana Safinaz outfit on sale.

Source: Buzzfeed


6. All the famous outlets have your number

Everytime your phone beeps around March you know it’s either Khaadi or Al Karam. They are always providing you with such information as “the new collection is here” or “SALE!” And this gives your day a renewed sense of urgency.

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7. That one lawn suit still haunts you

Remember when you went to this really cool outlet, and you saw a very pretty lawn suit but did not have enough money to buy? And when you went there next time, it was sold out? Yup, that broke your heart and you’re still not over it. Life was never the same for you after that. You searched around a lot but nothing like it ever filled the void of that lost suit.

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8. Just looking into your closet makes you happy

Maybe this is some sort of a mind relaxing technique or crazy science but whenever you open your closet and see those colorful lawn clothes, it just makes you feel immensely happy and fulfilled. Those clothes belong to you only. It doesn’t matter if you don’t even get to wear each one of them, just looking at them and knowing that those are all yours, is the best feeling ever.

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9. Everyone knows what to give you as a gift

It’s very easy for others to decide what to gift you. Thank you. Order a nice lawn kurta from Daraz, wrap it up and hand it over to you. Minimal effort on their part, happy friend on your side. Win, win.

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10. Your dupatta and shoe matching game is on fleek

Whenever you go shoe shopping you have these pretty dupattas in your mind and try your very best to find yourself shoes which go great with that one dupatta. The salesman gets tired of your non-stop demands. But at the end, when you get the right shoes, you actually feel like you’re at the top of the world.

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11. Your tailor is tired of your shit

Whenever you walk into the shop of your tailor, he gives you a creepy smile with tired eyes. He knows that now you are going to stand there for hours, telling him how you want the sleeves shorter, or want that exact neck trend that Nargis Fakhri was wearing in that photo shoot. And after a week you will be returning to him, asking him to re-do all the clothes because they don’t suit you.

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12. You have absolutely no problem with the lawn wars

People around you talk about how the lawn craze has gone way too far and is actually ruining the women folk of Pakistan. Every brand wants to get a head of every other big name. But there you are, minding your own business and spending every penny on a new dress just because you can. Also, lawn is an industry that is helping all these aunties become designers and mega millionaires so women power, right? Plus, they say, “shawk ka koi mol nai“.

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13. Nothing else can make you feel this way

No matter what other fabric you wear, you never feel as much relaxed and sexy like the lawn makes you feel. You’re too annoyed with those fancy cham-cham clothes and wearing chiffon is actually a nightmare for you. Even in winters, if only you could survive without wearing tons of layers of clothing, you would never go for anything other than lawn. You still brave it with a sweater on a lawn shirt.

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So ladies, let’s cash in your savings and head on over to the nearest computer or shop(if you want to stand in those hours of lines and brave the crowds) and let’s start buying away. Tell us which suit are you really looking out for?

Cover Image Source: Elan Lawn via: Ebuzz Today

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