This Ramazan Show’s Episode With Junaid Jamshed’s Sons Was So Incredibly Emotional, It Had Us All In Tears

By Biya Haq | 1 Jun, 2018

Ramazan transmissions have been pretty intense lately with a number of incidents taking place,

Some even making it to national news.

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And though they have been quite entertaining, one of the latest episodes of ARY Digital’s show ‘Shaan-E-Ramazan’ was exceptionally heartwarming.

Waseem Badami, the host of the ARY show, welcomed all three of Junaid Jamshed’s sons to his show and he could not help but break down on live TV.

Emotional Moments in #ShaneRamazan

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After an emotional introduction in which Badami was clearly distraught, all three of Junaid Jamshed’s sons walked on to the stage. Badami couldn’t help but break down into tears and take a few minutes to gather himself before talking to his guests.

As the episode continued, Badami confessed that he had been thinking about this episode since the first Roza, unsure of how he was going to get through it.

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Later on, all three sons kept in conversation with Badami about how emotional the month of Ramazan is for them and how important the celebrations are for them and their family.

All three sons, Taimoor, Babar and, Saif, showed strength and happiness in remembering their father.

Source: ARY Digital VIA YouTube

Suffice to say, it was very moving.

And viewers seemed to feel the exact same:

Source: ARY Digital VIA YouTube

This was pretty much all of us when watching the video.

Source: ARY Digital VIA YouTube

Waseem’s tears were without a doubt, moving for everyone.

Source: ARY Digital VIA YouTube

Here’s to all of us wishing luck, love, and blessings to his sons.

Source: ARY Digital VIA YouTube

What did you think of the episode? Did you get emotional watching it? What do you miss most about Junaid Jamshed? Watch the entire episode here:

Let us know in the comments below, love you.

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