This Lahori Baker's Desserts Are So Stunning They Should Be In An Art Gallery

By Hurmat Riaz | 25 Aug, 2017

Everyone loves a good baked goodie. Cakes are the absolute symbol to celebrate any occasion and sometimes, you don’t even need an occasion to have cake. Similarly, cookies are just the most amazing creation known to mankind and brownies and cupcakes… unka tou waisay hee scene kafi hota hai. 😉


This is Hafsah Zulfiqar who is an arts student in Lahore. She’s also a baker and a very talented one at that

Hafsah’s talent in making picture perfect cakes and cookies are rather justified when you learn that she’s a student at the prestigious National College of Arts in Lahore.

Source: Hafsah Zulfiqar / Facebook


Hafsah caught our eye when she shared this painted cookie she made, in a food group

It’s vanilla flavored with royal icing on it and it took her 2 and a half hours to bake and decorate the cookie. YUUMMMM.

Source: Hafsah Zulfiqar


Hafsah told MangoBaaz that she has been baking since she was 7 years old

She learned most of the recipes from her mother and an aunt who has had professional training for baking. Hafsah started baking professionally three years ago and most of the recipes are being passed in her family generation after generation.

Hafsah further revealed that she has a particular affinity for Van Gogh because she recreated the same painting on a cake, also. This cake is all butter cream. Starry butter cream *_* SO. PRETTY. UGHHH.

Source: Hafsah Zulfiqar

The bakery she runs is called Bakerazy and their products are so pretty you might never want to bite into them

The bakery is a family business run from Lahore, Karachi and Canada.

The cakes offered at these home baker’s three branches look exactly the same and that’s thanks to the meticulous care they put in to make sure all their designs are same. Further, Hafsah’s aunt who lives in Canada and runs that branch of the bakery, has had professional training in baking. She taught Hafsah, who runs the Lahore branch and the other aunt of Hafsah’s, who runs the Karachi branch.

These Hello Kitty cookies will remind you of your childhood obsession :’)

Source: Bakerazy / Facebook


Their creations are absolutely magical

Source: Bakerazy / Facebook


150 points to Gryffindor for this on point fondant snitch

Source: Bakerazy / Facebook


They make goodies for comic book fans

Source: Bakerazy / Facebook


And Disney fans, like this Finding Nemo cake

Source: Bakerazy / Facebook


There are more unique products on offer like this cake that has to be best representation of desi shaadi obsession

Source: Bakerazy / Facebook


When she’s not making the Van Gogh inspired baked goodies Hafsah is an avid reader and likes to take pictures of her relaxing with chai and her own creations, like this:

She couldn’t bring herself to eat this particular cookie, for two days but there was no way to preserve it so she finally mustered up the courage to have it with chai.

Source: Hafsah Zulfiqar


And now we’ll leave you with some of Hafsah’s most breathtaking products

Source: Bakerazy / Facebook

Source: Bakerazy / Facebook

Source: Bakerazy / Facebook


Keep up the amazing work, girl! And keep on bringing smiles on people’s face kyun kay meetha seedha dil mein jaata hai aur meethay ka pait bhi alag hota hai.

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