Pakistani Artists On Instagram Who'll Make You Want To Pick Up A Paintbrush Right Now

By Arslan Athar | 25 Aug, 2017

Pakistan is full of talented people and that includes artists. We’ve seen some seriously awe inspiring masters of art walk our country. Amazing artists are all around us and especially on our social media.

Times have changed, and many people choose to share their talents online. It doesn’t take away from the masterpieces they make. They still wow us and make us wish that we had a speck of talent.


These Pakistani visual artists on Instagram definitely deserve your attention for their fine work and unique ideas:

Imrana Tanveer – @imranatanveer 

Imrana is a visual artist and writer based in Karachi. Her work is based on textile design and weave work, which she uses to depict the current socio-political environment.

Speaking to MangoBaaz, Imrana said that her father wanted her to be a doctor and so, growing up she never really perfected her artistic talent. As time went by, she completed her undergraduate in Textile Design. However she still felt creatively unsatisfied which resulted in her joining NCA for her Masters.

Imrana shared, “apart from that, a lot of readings during my studies helped shape my ideas and concerns on a local and global level. And I like to portray core ideas using visual language in disguised yet apparent ways. My work is shaped by the happenings of my immediate surroundings”.


Mohsin Shaikh – @m.mohsinshaikh

Mohsin caught our eye because he has a very refreshing and unique take on art. He dwells mostly with oil, but makes this amazing chalkboard depictions that are guaranteed to take your breathe away.

Mohsin says that he enjoys using oil for his work since it can deceive people in a most obvious way. While speaking to MangoBaaz he shared, “chalkboards has been one of my most important executions because I believe that all this life is a huge chalkboard where we all express ourselves in a way that can be overwritten and erased easily. One has to be an architect of his/her own life than to be tamed by people who will always love to see their message being conveyed further more.”

According to Mohsin, “all chalkboards depict the practical experience of my life and how I managed to keep all these thoughts on rest until my work is being executed. Following heart, exploring the truth when there is not any except for the true feeling of heart which I believe is the ultimate truth.”


Irfan Cheema – @irfancheema 

Irfan is another artist who primarily uses oil in his work. His work comprises mostly of still life paintings. His attention to detail is evident in his work.

Still life with loquat, guavas and bulbul. Oil on linen. 100x80cm

A post shared by irfancheema (@irfancheema) on

You really have to take a second and remind yourself that what you’re looking at is not a photograph but rather a painting.


Sophia Balagamwala – @sophiabala

Sophia is an artist based in Karachi. Her work isn’t something you’ve seen before. Some of her pieces are quite innocent looking while others are quite overtly abstract.

Speaking to MangoBaaz she said that she hasn’t restricted herself to one particular medium. She paints, draws, sculpts and even makes animations. She shared that she is greatly inspired by children’s books, political cartoons and animations.

Bahadur and Bloated #currentfeels #workingsaturday #artoftheday #soloshow #artistsofpakistan #karachi #lahore

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“My work is in the space where history meets fact and fiction. It often gets carried away into the nonsensical and the abstract”, says Sophia.

big hair don't care ?#moonch #artoftheday #karachi

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Usman Saeed – @usmansaeedstudio

Usman’s art may come off as a little messy, initially. But as you stare at his work you can see what he’s trying to achieve. Be it abstract elements or geometric, his art has got it all.


While some of his work has a bit of a galactic touch to it

#gardenfindsresearch #workinprogress #usmansaeedstudio

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His other work contains strong geometric influences and precise instances, too.


Shanzay Subzwari – @shanzay.subzwari

What attracted us to Shanzay’s work was her use of bank notes. (Please do note that ALL her work is brilliant but this particular collection was just next level).

Explaining her process to us, she said , “today in my visual practice I decode, re-imagine and retell stories found on currency notes,embellishing them with characters from popular culture. By referencing Mughal miniature
elements as an ode to my training in this field, I comment on the human condition, and on politics, history and society; how everything in the past, present and future is linked in a strangely complex, yet fascinating way.”

#Repost @nigaahartmagazine (via @repostapp) ・・・ "Exhibition Review" A Thousand Stories To Tell… With a teeming interest in the aspect of deception and its various nuances in large-scale worldly matters or on an individual level, the term, ‘what you see is not what you get’, resonates with me. Unknown parties, whether political or economy-based, make major world-decisions, and the media often feeds us information tailored and tweaked to satisfy personal motives. #magazine #artmagazine #magazinepakistan #magazinearticles #magazinecover #magazinestreet #magazineart #magazinedesign #magazinead #nigaahart #artgallery #artciti #artpakistan #galleryart #gallery_of_all #indianart #pakistanart #asiaart #southasiaart Read-more :

A post shared by Shanzay Subzwari (@shanzay.subzwari) on

Shanzay has been getting a lot of attention for her creative use of bank notes. With shows in Lahore, Karachi and all the way up to London.

A Silent Prayer, 22.9 inches, mixed media on paper, 2016. Work displayed at Moniker Art Fair 2016 #MAF2016 #FriezeWeek #London

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Marium Hanif- @mariumhanif_visualartist

Marium is based in Lahore. Along with being an artist, she conducts art classes too. She mostly sticks to watercolors and makes the most gorgeous portraits and landscapes.

#artfrompakistan # watercolor #figrative

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Marium also seems to take much inspiration from her cats. This neon painting really does grab your attention, it almost looks surreal.


And lastly, Imran Ali Kazmi- @imrankazmi59

Imran’s work is quite impressive simple because his portraits and still life pieces are extremely realistic. Just look at this

oil on canvas

A post shared by Imran Ali Kazmi (@imrankazmi59) on

The attention to detail he brings to the table is awe-inspiring. The way he captures shadows, texture and color is really something

oil on canvas

A post shared by Imran Ali Kazmi (@imrankazmi59) on


He captures bits of our culture, people and day to day lives in this paintings.

old is gold #oil on canvas

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Let us know which of these artists were your favorite in the comments. Do you follow any cool people on insta? Are you one of those cool people yourself? Let us know and we might even feature you.

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