Lahore's Hafeez Center Caught Fire Today And People Are Extremely Heartbroken

By Noor | 18 Oct, 2020

In an unfortunate incident today, Hafeez Center, the main plaza in Gulberg Lahore, caught fire today. The plaza is the electronic hub of the city which is known to sell electronic devices of all kinds.


The massive fire at Hafeez Center erupted early in the morning around 6 AM, according to reports

Source: Km Khalid Official/YouTube

According to sources, electronic items worth millions have been destroyed by the flames that engulfed Lahore’s Hafeez Center


It is being said that the cause of the fire was an electrical short circuit

The fire intensified as the flames reached the diesel barrels at the top floor

Fortunately, no casualties have been reported. The fire brigade was able to control the blaze after a long firefighting operation. It took almost 12 fire brigades and 30 firefighters to control the fire.

Images and the videos of the fire at Hafeez Center are being shared everywhere 

Politicians and people from the administration are present at the location and are monitoring the rescue operation

It is being said that 60% of the building has been set on fire and it took almost 30 to 40 minutes for the rescue service to reach the location

People were shocked and saddened by the disastrous fire incident at Hafeez Center

They have been pointing out the loss of millions caused by the fire erupted at the IT plaza in Lahore

They roughly calculated the loss to be around PKR 70 crores.

People are sending prayers to the owners of the stores and the ones who have been affected by the fire

They kept on praying that the damage caused by the fire remains minimal

People hoped that everyone in the building is safe

Fortunately, this fire incident has not resulted in any fatalities or injuries. However, people believe that a more timely response by the rescue operation could have saved the major parts of the building as the financial loss caused by the fire is being said to be way higher than originally approximated.

Our thoughts and prayers for all those affected by the fire.



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