Are You Even A Lahori If You Haven't Had All This Food

By MangoBaaz Studio | 9 Nov, 2017

Beware: This post is known to have caused many foodgasms.

Lahore is the unofficial food capital of Pakistan, regardless of what the Karachi walay say (sorry not sorry). Being the zinda dillaan da shehr, the city quite literally never sleeps because they’re basically just stuffing their faces with yummy food. And by yummy we mean your-mouth-is-on-fire-with-burst-of-flavor kinda yummy.

We bring to you the best of the best from your favorite city, with just enough information to keep you wanting more:

(And if you want all of them together, come eat with us at the Hungerist)


Eat Smart

From delectable chicken wraps to yummy bowls along with smoothies and shakes, this place is an absolute winner. But you know what’s the actual kicker? You can have all of that without adding unwanted inches to your waist. Mind blown.

Source: Eat Smart Via: Facebook

Want some? Come eat with us here.


Pataka Boti

Imagine succulent chicken, topped with just the right amount of spice, with a sprinkle of lime and piping hot naan? This place is that and SO MUCH MORE. Barbecue done right.

Source: Pataka Boti Via: Facebook

Want some? Come eat with us here.


Lily’s Khow Suey

Khaosey by Lily’s Home Cooked Meals is a treasure like no other, something that even Karachi walas can vouch for. The authentic recipe fused with the homey goodness is perfect for aaj kal ka mausam.

Source: Lily’s Khow Suey

Want some? Come eat with us here.


What’a Paratha

The only ammi-certified paratha place in Lahore – doing all the trick your mum can do and more. Think much more variety than the holy trinity: chicken, cheese and chocolate.

Source: What’a Paratha Via: Facebook

Want some? Come eat with us here.


Cosa Nostra

The one that needs no introduction: Cosa has been a pioneer in anything and everything. Thin crust pizza? You got it. Gooey cheesy lasagna? Yep. Hunter beef? No problemo. Cupcakes and tarts? Coming right up.

Source: Cosa Nostra Lahore Via: Facebook

Want some? Come eat with us here.


Burger Hub

Just going to leave this here to tease your tastebuds. Look at that beef cooked to perfection, smothered in sauce and rolled up in pocked of cheese in between soft sesame bun. Brb, salivating.

Source: Burger Hub

Want some? Come eat with us here.


Karachi Kanteen

Well, oh well. Without getting into the with-or-without-aaloo saga, here’s some lip smacking biryani, only for you. And not just that, there’s a whole assortment of bun kebabs and chaats, too.

Source: Karachi Kanteen Via: Facebook

Want some? Come eat with us here.


Kabuli Dera

Raisins and nuts and rice and dry fruit and that sweetened taste of carrots in between biting on almonds. That’s one helluva journey. Finish it up with a vat of ka’va cuz God knows, you need it.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

Want some? Come eat with us here.


Nisa Sultan

Turkish cuisine at it’s finest, smack in the heart of Lahore. Nisa Sultan offers a range of Turkish ‘delights’ like doner kebabs, shawarmas, platters, hummus and that coconut sweet treat you’re soon going to be a big fan of!

Source: Nisa Sultan Turkish Cuisine

Want some? Come eat with us here.



Coffee, dessert, great food and even better company; Mocca is the only coffeeshop in Lahore than not only serves great food but even better ambience. Be it work or socializing. Or both. Oh, and did we mention macaroons?

Source: Mocca Coffee

Want some? Come eat with us here.


This weekend, come eat with us at Hungerist Food Market @ The MIX

As we gear up to launch our new platform,, we’ll be setting up a food market at the MIX with some of the best dining options from Lahore. Be sure to walk on through – we’re even going to have a piñata that we’ll let people SMASHHHHH ?
A two day festival where technology and life come together, The MIX will take experiential learning to a whole new level!
Come explore the interactivity through this festival that is all about TECH, CULTURE, FOOD & MUSIC.

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