Kumail Nanjiani Just Became The First Pakistani To Host Saturday Night Live And He Killed It

By Iman Zia | 15 Oct, 2017

“An informed racist is a better racist” – Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani, you must have heard of him by now. The Pakistani American comedian is making waves on international soil these days, with his recent critically acclaimed film ‘The Big Sick’ bringing forth a new light on Pakistanis living abroad. He’s been a strong advocate of the rise in Islamaphobia in the west, along with other actors of South Asian descent like fellow Muslim Aziz Ansari.


The actor appeared on famous American show, ‘Saturday Night Live’ as an opening guest for last night’s episode to playfully discuss racism

The actor engaged the live audience by poking fun at certain stereotypes that are often hurled towards Muslims, discussed Twitter trolls, how Sikhs are often misconstrued as Muslims, all the while in a delightfully comical manner.

Source: Broadway Video


He revealed about how he was the second person from his family to leave Pakistan and comically talked about how he married a “White American woman”

Tearing down unfortunate misconceptions, Kumail mentioned how people would try and abuse him by telling him to “go back to India,” to which he responded, “I’ve never been to India.”

Source: Broadway Video


He stated how Islamophobia is unfortunately on the rise and said how “it never really went away, but it’s really having a moment right now”

He ended the crisp monologue about the importance of being an “informed racist;” by closing it with “For example, if someone yells at me “Go back to India” that guy is an idiot. But if someone is like “Go back to Pakistan, which was part of India until 1947 and is now home to the world’s largest salt mine,” then I’d pack my bags.”

Source: Broadway Video

His witty speech was applauded by many



And was also praised for Kumail’s humorous take on such a dark topic


A few plucked out their favorite lines from the monologue



Fans poured their adoration for the actor, who has become a vocal chord in a proliferating racist time



Watch the monologue now

What are your thoughts on Kumail’s speech?

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