People Are Falling Head Over Heels For This Violin Player In The Streets Of Pindi

By Biya Haq | 15 Oct, 2017

Spotted on the streets at night, a mysterious musician laced the streets with sounds of a violin, through the dead of the night. Sound like a fairy tale? Well wake up friends, it really happened. In Rawalpindi.


This gentlemen in Rawalpindi was found playing the violin

Incredible Pakistani Old Man 🙂

i saw this man sometimes when i was jogging. i first met him a year ago. when he played for me he said he wasn't playing for the money and that he had a job. and he just plays here because he likes to. and i met him again today when i was walking by. he was playing "honto se chu lo" by late jagjit singh. i watched him and asked him if he could play it again for me and that i dont have the money. he smiled and said its not about the money. and he played it for me, and i recorded it. i do not know the caliber of his skill with violen but i do know he is passionate about it. and i also heard him say he could play flute and saxophone. he could sing too. he says he doesnt do it for the money but everyone needs money. he plays at like 9-12pm (just an estimate) phase 4, bahria town, Rawalpindi.

Posted by People Of Pakistan on Freitag, 15. September 2017


The video was posted on a Facebook page which described that the gentleman was found in the Bahria Town area of Rawalpindi

Apparently, the gentleman is found playing the flute and saxophone, along with his violin.

Source: People Of Pakistan / Facebook

The scene seemed like something right out of a fairy tale and I mean, you read the description – it basically is one. Oh and we weren’t the only ones in awe of his skills~ either


People on the internet seemed to have fallen in love with the beautiful song the dude is playing

RIGHT in the feels, in fact in the feels of the feels. RIP feels.

Source: People Of Pakistan / Facebook


Couldn’t have said it better, Maniha, could not have said it better.

Source: People Of Pakistan / Facebook


Did we just find a new star?!

Source: People Of Pakistan / Facebook


Love, Love, Love – all we need is Love. And this uncle. Love.

Source: People Of Pakistan / Facebook


This dude wrote a whole essay in support of our violin man

Source: People Of Pakistan / Facebook

 A man like this is a man to be celebrated. It’s nice to appreciate all the little magical moments in life when we can and this, it seems we can all agree on is definitely a very magical moment.

Also just side note, for all of you Jasim and The Pindi Boys fans – possible new band member?! Just imagine how great he would look in the signature glasses on that stage.

Via: Tumblr

Love you Mr. Violin, keep doing you.

Have you seen this man around? Do you love the violin? Are you entranced also? Do you have the video on repeat also? Let us know in the comments below.

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