This Episode Of ‘Koi Chand Rakh' Just Goes To Show How Much We Don't Get Love

By Arslan Athar | 10 Aug, 2018

The last episode of ‘Koi Chand Rakh’ finally broke the illusion of mistaken identity between Zain, Dr.Rabail and Nashal. The show was now set up for some epic-level twists and turns.

Zain’s heartbreak at the entire situation was pretty much expected, however, Nashal’s reaction was a bit umm, weird. 

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In all the interactions between Nashal and Zain, she never made it clear she actually liked him or was interesting. More often than not, she was actually annoyed at him. Even if she liked the attention, the most she did was flirt, but even then, it was never more than that.

These feelings are all put to the side when she discovers that Zain is actually going to marry her sister, Rabail. 

Jis ko menay apne liye dekha tha, woh mein kisi aur ke saath jatay we kaisay dekh sakti hoon’. 

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Really? You both hardly had a proper conversation for more than 3 minutes and you’re so desperately in love with each other? Amazing! This just goes to show how Pakistani TV portrays love. Actually, I’m sorry, we often mix infatuation with love, and this episode of ‘Koi Chand Rakh’ does. We honestly need to stop romanticising ‘love at first sight’ and we need to stop making the infatuation/love confusion something to aspire to.

Now, for a moment, let’s assume that the love between Zain and Nashal was real. 

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I know it isn’t easy, but let’s try. If his love was real then why would he wish onto her a life full of zillat and pain? Why would he wish onto her, to see him marry her sister? This brings another issue I have about how love is understood by Pakistani TV shows. If someone loves you, and if something doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean you sit back and plan to put them through severe emotional distress.

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Lastly, both the ‘lovers’ decide to put their love on hold for the happiness of their families.

I would like to quote the Bollywood movie ‘Mughal E Azam’ here when I say ‘Pyaar kiya tou darna kya’. You’re in love, regardless of how shaky that love is, you should be willing to fight for it. Especially in the situation you’re in, the shaadi preps are fully done. It is very noble that you’re putting your family first, but saath saath mein you’re also expecting some next level sympathy and whatnot. You’re sentencing yourself to a miserable life. Just own your life, find your own freaking happiness, because otherwise, our dramas will only have the usual rona dhona. 

Source: ARY Digital

What did you think of the recent episode? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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