Kim Kardashian Allegedly Removed Her Ribs To Fit Into A Dress And Honestly I Think It's True

By Iman Zia | 10 May, 2019

Kim Kardashian arrived at the Met Gala in a silicon tight raindrop-inspired dress by the esteemed French designer Thierry Mugler. And while Kim might have wanted recognition for her unique take on the ‘Camp’ theme for the night, Twitter was set abuzz with everyone questioning the mogul’s shockingly tight waist.

Source: E! Online



This look really doesn’t look natural, and who knows, Kim might just have undergone drastic cosmetic surgery to get such a small midsection.

Kim’s “wet look” was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, and Sophia Loren – actresses who had sported an hourglass look in the past. Vogue released a video of Kim’s fitting before the Met Gala, and in a disturbing revelation, we saw Kim’s tiny waist that was REALLY disgusting and honestly, hard to stomach:

Source: Vogue/YouTube


The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star has always been public with her fondness of corsets, often wearing one for more than a day to achieve her hourglass figure. She’s always been “obsessed with waist training,” and while she and her fitness coach insist that this is all from hours of hard work at the gym, I don’t buy it.


According to plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, Kim’s figure can be attained from breast augmentation, liposuction and fat transfer along with wearing a corset religiously.

He told ‘Page Six’ that “you suck out the fat, you purify it and you inject it into the butt or hip…the cost can be up to $20,000.” Kim’s look has received tremendous criticism from netizens, all who state that the star is promoting an unnatural beauty concept. “Omg that is not a good message to end to girls. Enjoy trying to get your kidneys back into their correct position lol” said one user.

Source: The Coco Show/YouTube


I’m honestly mortified. In this day and age, cosmetic surgery is as neat as a pin, and if you’ve got enough money, there really isn’t anything you cannot do – and while Kim definitely achieved this look inorganically, I’m still certain she got her ribs removed. Because hunni, this is NOT normal.


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