Khadija Shah Of Élan Said Her Clothes Were Affordable At 20,000 Rupees & People Are Coming For Her

By Hafsa Ahmad | 24 Sep, 2019

Khadija Shah of Élan just got trolled for she made an affordable clothing line priced at 20,000 rupees

Fashion enthusiasts are familiar with how magical Élan really is as a brand that defines fashion in Pakistan. Every dress that comes out of them is gorgeous AF. But we all also know that those dresses are for a specific price point. Unfortunately it seems that people just can’t come to terms with the idea of watching their pocket.


Recently, Khadija Shah of Élan just triggered a whole bunch of people by saying her new clothes priced at Rs. 18 to 20,ooo/- were “affordable”

Just 18k-20k. JUST… just? kind of a paradox, no?


People were obviously shook by this statement


Some people (rightfully?) felt mocked at


Others talked about how genuinely problematic and classist her statement is


On her part, Khadija Shah tried to reason with those calling her out that her brand costs this much because cost of raw materials has increased drastically


So people advised her to not try and make her high end brand appear awaami because it’s just not and there’s nothing wrong with being honest and forthright


Many people also pointed out that the choice of words by Khadija Shah also matters in the given context

Saying “just” 18 to 20,000 is affordable when the majority of the population is making it hard to make ends meet shows how divorced by realities someone can be.




Seriously though, this tweet is a Major Mood

The new collection may be beautiful, but maybe it’s time Pakistani brands realized that it’s okay if you’re the type of brand that’s not very everyone. You don’t need to be apologetic or defensive about it as long as you’re respectful toward people who may not feel welcome by the brand.

What do you think about the trolling that Élan is getting?


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