13 Brilliant Organizations That Are Keeping Abdul Sattar Edhi’s Legacy Alive

By Momina Mindeel | 12 Jul, 2016

Rest in peace, Abdul Sattar Edhi. Do you feel like you have lost your chance at unwarranted salvation after his death? Buckle up because here is your chance to play your part in keeping Edhi’s legacy alive. Life isn’t fair but it’s all good because we have prepared a list of 13 remarkable yet struggling organizations all across Pakistan, in order to make it easier for you to donate. They could really do with some recognition and your financial support.


1. Mehfooz Memorial Trust Hospital, Okara

Established by a professor, Rao Zafar Iqbal, Mehfooz Memorial Trust Hospital is a non-profit organization. The hospital has been treating the poor patients at minimal cost or no cost at all, for the past five years. If you wish to donate for this noble cause, contact at 0333-6978602 and earn some naikiyaan instantly.

Abdul Sattar Edhi
Source: Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz


2. Aabroo Educational Welfare Organization, Lahore

If you are looking to declutter your house, please do not just throw away the garbage. Donate it to Aabroo and help fund a child’s education. That simple, I promise.

Source: Aabroo Educational Welfare Organization Via: Facebook


3. SADA- Society for Audiological and Developmental Ailments, Lahore

It seeks to operate and treat young kids who are hearing impaired, for free. The operations conducted help to restore hearing in stone-deaf children and these operations (term used: cochlear implants) cost over many lacs but the organization helps to raise funds and do them for free.

Source: SADA Via: Facebook


4. The Future Begins Here, Quetta

Based in Quetta, The Future Begins Here is a student-based platform that seeks to help and guide students who are aiming for higher studies in Pakistan or abroad, through their career counseling sessions and career fairs.

Address: Sari Khartar, Alamdar Road, Quetta

Phone: (081) 2662656

Email:  info@thefuturebeginshere.org

The Future Begins Here
Source: The Future Begins Here Via: Facebook


5. Women Development Baltistan, Skardu

Established in 2000, Women Development Baltistan seeks to empower the women of Baltistan through their vocational training and health programs. Up until now, more than 600 women have benefitted from the program.

Contact details: Women Development Baltistan(WDB) Madina Colony, Airport Road, Skardu Baltistan Tel: +92-5815-921170, 05815- 457004 Cell: 0344-5916246 Fax: +92-5815-921170 Email: wdb.skardu@gmail.com


6. Zeest Welfare Organization, Lahore

Zeest Welfare Organization aims at eradicating all kinds of poverty and deprivation, specifically for the disabled for the society. The organization is really in need of funds at the moment. Here is another chance to keep the great humanitarian’s spirit alive.

Zeest Welfare Organization
Source: Zeest Welfare Organization Via Facebook


7. The Educationist, Lahore

The Educationist, just like Zest, is terribly low on funds. It seeks to bridge the gap between the privileged and underprivileged children through numerous summer camps and similar educational activities. If you wish to donate, contact at 0313 4888211 or find them online over here.


8. The Society, Peshawar

The Society seeks to make every common man of the country a responsible citizen, by providing them opportunities to hone their leadership, public speaking and soft skills.

Email address:  info@thesociety.org.pk

Contact number 0332.8099988, 0333.1525045

THE Society
Source: THE Society Via: Facebook


9. Because I care, Karachi

Based in Karachi, Because I Care not only helps in providing the underprivileged children with education but keeps a constant track of their progress as well.

Yes, the world has nice people too.

Because I Care
Source: Because I Care Via: Facebook


10. Student Welfare Society, Jhang

Based in Jhang, Student Welfare society adopts the needy kids and pays for their education, entirely. They also tend to distribute stationary among the deserving kids as well. For donations, contact Hamza Saleem at 0333-1368063.

Student Welfare Society
Source: Student Welfare Society Via: Facebook


11. Kaam Fael Amal, Lahore

Kaam Fael Amal facilitates poor families by providing them with Raashan packages. It has recently inaugurated its operations and has already helped over 70 indigent and poor families by delivering them raashan packages consisting of dates, flour, rice and other elementary yet vital food essentials. For donations, contact at 0323 4818410.


12. Sports Development Foundation (SDF), Islamabad

Sports Development Foundation (SDF) is a privately funded, not for profit organization, which aims at using sports as a tool for peace, development, and character building. The organization is in need of funds and can be reached on their website here.


 13. Tahafuz, Lahore

The ‘Tahafuz’ project aims to create a world free of the fear of sexual violence and assault, by organizing informatory workshops and similar activities. This social enterprise is being incubated at the Social Innovation Lab at LUMS and could really do with you donations, at this point in time. If you wish to donate, contact Omer Imran Malik at 0331-5476071.

Source: Tahafuz Via: Facebook


Edhi sahab, rest in peace. Rest in power.

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