It Turns Out The Tsunami Warning For Karachi Was False And The DMC Office Is Calling It A ‘Typo'

By Rameeza Ahmad | 5 Sep, 2018

A picture of a specific government notice was making rounds on the internet, today.

The notice stated that rain, thunderstorms and a tsunami was expected in Karachi in the month of September, and it was being shared everywhere and people were a little concerned.

The notice was directed to the Director of Education to organize evacuation exercises within schools in the city so as to prepare for the tsunami.

A few people initially had a sense of humor about the entire situation.

However, thankfully, we soon found out that the warning turned out to be false. And apparently, the District Municipal Office says the entire thing was a big misunderstanding because of a typo.

The Pakistan Meteorological Office clarified, that Pakistan had joined around 20 countries who were partaking in emergency drills and are located around the Indian ocean. The drills take place two days every two years. According to them, The District Municipal Corporation misinterpreted the press statement they had issued and thought an actual tsunami was expected which is why they went on to tell schools to practice evacuation procedures so that they could be ready for when the actual thing came.

And instead of taking responsibility, the DMC merely stated that it was an unintentional typo.

And the DMC is kind of in hot water because of this. (Pun intended.)

Issuing a very serious warning for a thing such as a Tsunami is incredibly careless on part of the DMC. This caused panic amongst citizens and since the evacuation drills were being organized in schools, imagine what the students would have gone through if they thought the entire thing was for a real event which would occur in the near future.

What do you think about this entire fiasco? Let us know in the comments!

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