These Pakistani Women Are Proving That “Unfair and Lovely” Is Just As Beautiful

By Sajeer Shaikh | 17 Oct, 2017

Pakistanis have, unfortunately, been conditioned into believing that gora is beautiful. Which is why this photographer’s “Unfair And Lovely” photoshoot is extremely important.


Karachi based photographer, Anushay Mazhar, recently released a series of photographs titled “Unfair And Lovely.”

The series focuses on encouraging Pakistani women to embrace the skin they’re in. In a country that focuses on how women have to be gora chitta, this young photographer is promoting self-love and body positivity through a series of stunning photographs.

As Pakistani women, we've all seen the whitening cream ads and heard of home-made remedies to remove tan because 'fair'…

Posted by A Mazhar Photography on Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2017


The photo series focuses on women who have tanned skin…

Source: A Mazhar Photography


…and shows the world that darker skin tones are just as beautiful as any other. 

Source: A Mazhar Photography


Anushay talks about how we’ve always believed that ‘fair is lovely…’

Source: A Mazhar Photography


…and she poses this simple question: Is it really, though?

Source: A Mazhar Photography


Anushay also questions the use of skin-lightening remedies that are often advertised. 

In fact, this photo series clearly shows that you don’t have to look a certain way to be beautiful.

Source: A Mazhar Photography


Each photograph is stunning.

Source: A Mazhar Photography


And each picture beautifully captures the essence of Anushay’s message. 

Source: A Mazhar Photography

As we grow as a society, it becomes all the more imperative to promote self-love. We can’t do that by making dark-skinned individuals feel like they should change the way they look. It is thus that such campaigns become essential.


The photo series is a clear celebration of tanned skin and darker skin tones.

Source: A Mazhar Photography


It encourages other women to know they’re beautiful, despite societal standards of beauty.

Source: A Mazhar Photography


In fact, the photographs challenge societal standards of beauty…

Source: A Mazhar Photography


…snd show just how diverse beauty truly can be. 

Source: A Mazhar Photography


Are we used to seeing a certain kind of beauty in advertisements and in mainstream media? Absolutely. And aren’t we tired of being told to have that flawless, fair skin to be considered beautiful?

Pushing forward the idea that a certain skin type is the set standard for beauty harms all those who don’t fall into that category. It impacts countless individuals negatively who then wish to change the way they look. That flies directly in the face of the concept of being content with the way you are. Moreover, it negates the idea that beauty is more than just skin deep.


We truly hope that people are inspired by Anushay’s “Unfair and Lovely” photo shoot.

Because let’s face it – you’re absolutely beautiful the way you are.

Source: A Mazhar Photography

What do you think about this photo series? Do you think it positively portrays the idea of self-love and self-acceptance? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


Cover image via A Mazhar Photography

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