13 Neighborhoods Of Karachi With The Most Bizarre Names

By Ather Ahmed | 3 Dec, 2017

For those that are not from Karachi, getting acquainted with the names of certain places in the city is a treat within itself. There are places named after insects, cattle, and all sorts of things which hardly have anything to do with the vicinity itself. Meanwhile, Karachiites have grown so used to them that just accept them without giving a second a thought.

So how did these names actually came about? Let’s find out.


1. Mukka Chowk

Source: samma.tv

Situated in the heart of Azizabad, Mukka Chowk is more than just a roundabout but a monument of great political significance. The roundabout was established in 1991 and was inspired by Liaquat Ali Khan’s fist symbol that represented the five provinces. It bears great significance for Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) that at the time claimed to be the true representative of the Muhajir community. However just last year the government decided to change the name of the roundabout to Shaheed-i-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan Chowk, after Altaf Hussain’s derogatory remarks against the country.


2. Machar Colony

Source: onepakistan.com.pk

Yes, there is a locality in Karachi that is named after mosquitos can you actually believe that. Well, contrary to popular belief it doesn’t take it’s name from that. The locality was initially named Machhera (fishermen) Colony, a reference to the profession of most residents. These days however due to a lack of proper sewage system and increased pollution the area is now actually referred to as Machar Colony indicating a presence of mosquitos.


3. Bhens Colony

Source: mw-panormia.com

The area is located in Landhi Town and was initially established as a massive cattle colony in order to provide fresh milk and meat to citizens.


4. Choona Depot


The area is located on Jameela Street one of the oldest parts of Karachi. The area takes its name from the presence of several shops that sell crushed limestone which is used for whitewashing.


5. Kala Pull

Source: samma.tv

This is a bridge in Karachi that connects Defence Housing Authority to other parts of the city, hence the infamous phrase ‘pull kay uss par’. The bridge used to be black in color however, roughly, two decades ago it was replaced by a concrete structure.


6. Gora Qabristan

Source: dawn.com

It was built during the colonial rule back in 1845 as a cemetery for Christians residing in the country. Since the Christian community mostly consisted of Britishers back then it was referred to as Gora Qabristan. After the partition, it has been used by the Christian community of Pakistan.

An interesting, albeit horrifying, fact about this place is that in 2002 the mutilated body of American journalist Daniel Pearl was dumped here.


7. Khamosh Colony

Source: thenews.com.pk

The area is located in the much larger Liaquatabad Town of Karachi however contrary to the name, the place is totally devoid of silence. The place takes its name from the presence of a graveyard in the area.


8. Geedar Colony

Geedar colony, is a vicinity located in Landhi Town and takes its name from the presence of jackals in the locality at one point. However, the name has been changed to Muzzafarabad Colony after objections from the city council.


9. Bewah Colony

Source: paronamia.com

The area that is part of Karachi’s Manzoor colony was actually established for a noble cause. A philanthropist had constructed the area to actually provide shelter to widows that weren’t able to financially support themselves.


10. Nagan Chowrangi

Source: eaworld.com

The site is present in New Karachi wherein a two way flyover has been constructed. Legend has it that over a 100 years ago a Nagan (snake) used to be present there.


11. Chamra Chowrangi

The roundabout is located in Korangi and takes its name from the presence of several leather tanneries located in the area.

Source: @ryanraza3215 / Twitter


13. Sheesha Colony

A lot of places that sell glass and glass based products here hence the name. You have to concede, they’re keeping identification simple.


12. Kurta Galli

As the name suggests , too many kurta shops located in the area.

Source: Arsalan & Yahseer



If you can add more names to the list please let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via: majammc.com

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