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19 Reasons Why Karachi Is The Absolute Worst City Out Of All The Cities In Pakistan

19 Reasons Why Karachi Is The Absolute Worst City Out Of All The Cities In Pakistan

Karachi is the absolute worst. It has absolutely nothing to offer. You’d think as “The City of Lights,” it would have a lot more to give to its citizens. Par nahi. Kuch nahi hai yahaan.


1. I mean, look at the beach Karachiites boast about.

Yeh kya mazaaq hai?



2. Yeh dekho. Yeh bhi koi building hai? Step up your game, Karachi

Source: Study Abroad


3. Roads toh dekho. Uff.



4. There are no famous landmarks

Source: Faisal Rafiq / Flickr


5. No universities worth looking at, or worth taking pride in



6. There’s no time or place for your amusement



7. Malls wageira toh nah honay ke barabar hain



8. There are absolutely no spiritual places AT ALL

Source: Heritage


9. Of any kind whatsoever



10. Seriously, nothing to see here

Source: Hunza Adventure Tours


11. Oh, and Karachiites hate art

Source: Youlin Magazine


12. Absolutely loathe it

Source: Youlin Magazine


13. Karachiites have no time for artists of any kind

Source: S.M.Rafiq / Flickr


14. Karachi is intolerant to music. Matlab sakht nafrat hai



15. There’s nothing beautiful about Karachi

Source: Mud$i / Flickr


16. Kuch dekhnay laiq nahi hai

Source: DHA Today


17. Pieces of history? Woh kya hotay hain?

Source: Iqbal Khatri / Flickr


18. Looking for a quiet night out? Karachi main toh impossible hai



19. And finally, if you’re looking for some place to go chill at, Karachi main toh nahi milegi jagah

Source: Youlin Magazine

Seriously guys, if you’re planning to come visit, khudi haal dekhlo. And if you live in Karachi, I can only offer you my sympathies.


Cover image via: SM Waqar Photography

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