19 Reasons Why Karachi Is The Absolute Worst City Out Of All The Cities In Pakistan

By Sajeer Shaikh | 19 Apr, 2017

Karachi is the absolute worst. It has absolutely nothing to offer. You’d think as “The City of Lights,” it would have a lot more to give to its citizens. Par nahi. Kuch nahi hai yahaan.


1. I mean, look at the beach Karachiites boast about.

Yeh kya mazaaq hai?

Source: explorepak.com


2. Yeh dekho. Yeh bhi koi building hai? Step up your game, Karachi

Source: Study Abroad


3. Roads toh dekho. Uff.

Source: techjuice.pk


4. There are no famous landmarks

Source: Faisal Rafiq / Flickr


5. No universities worth looking at, or worth taking pride in

Source: dawn.com


6. There’s no time or place for your amusement

Source: dawn.com


7. Malls wageira toh nah honay ke barabar hain

Source: dolmengroup.com


8. There are absolutely no spiritual places AT ALL

Source: Heritage


9. Of any kind whatsoever

Source: dawn.com


10. Seriously, nothing to see here

Source: Hunza Adventure Tours


11. Oh, and Karachiites hate art

Source: Youlin Magazine


12. Absolutely loathe it

Source: Youlin Magazine


13. Karachiites have no time for artists of any kind

Source: S.M.Rafiq / Flickr


14. This city is intolerant to music. Matlab sakht nafrat hai

Source: tribune.com.pk


15. There’s nothing beautiful about Karachi

Source: Mud$i / Flickr


16. Kuch dekhnay laiq nahi hai

Source: DHA Today


17. Pieces of history? Woh kya hotay hain?

Source: Iqbal Khatri / Flickr


18. Looking for a quiet night out? Iss shehr main toh impossible hai

Source: tribune.com.pk


19. And finally, if you’re looking for some place to go chill at, Karachi main toh nahi milegi jagah

Source: Youlin Magazine

Seriously guys, if you’re planning to come visit, khudi haal dekhlo. And if you live in the city of lights, I can only offer you my sympathies.



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Cover image via: SM Waqar Photography

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