Pakistan's Tallest Building, The Bahria Icon Tower In Karachi Is On Fire And The Pictures Are Terrifying

By Rameeza Ahmad | 26 Nov, 2018

The Bahria Icon Tower in Karachi is currently on fire and the situation seems pretty bad.

The Bahria Icon tower is supposed to be the tallest building in Pakistan and it has caught on fire.

Source: Sindh Dunya

The skyscraper has 62 floors and construction on the tower began in 2008 and took 10 years to complete as it was opened and finally operational earlier this year.

The building now serves as an integral part of Karachi’s skyline and people were excited about the building being finally finished this year. But apparently, now the building has caught on fire.

The news broke with people sharing images of smoke emerging from the building on social media.

The cause of the fire is unknown for now, however, the footage of the building is setting it up to be quite the horrific scene.

Videos and images of smoke coming from the huge structure are now going viral all across social media with people still confused about what is actually going on and the extent of the fire itself. According to reports from Dawn, the firefighters claimed the fire had been contained but eyewitnesses said this was not the case and that the fire even might have reignited.

The extent of the fire is still unknown, and no knows whether the fire is contained in one section of the building or has spread to the entire structure. But the idea of a fire in such a huge structure has shaken some people.

Some are wondering at how such an unfortunate incident befell the tower so soon after completion.

The entire incident seems incredibly unbelievable, the tower was finally operational just earlier this year and one would imagine, a building which took ten years to be constructed and boasted as Pakistan’s tallest one would have better mechanisms for fire safety.

There are currently no reports whether anyone is in the building and if anyone was evacuated and whether anyone was hurt.

Do you have any other information about the Bahria Icon Tower fire? Let us know in the comments below!

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