Transgender Activist, Kami Sid, Will Soon Be Debuting In A TV Drama

By Sajeer Shaikh | 18 Oct, 2017

By now, we all know about the drop-dead gorgeous and immensely talented Kami Sid.

Source: Kami Sid

She’s a transgender activist and model who’s going to be making her way into our hearts with her promising new short film, Rani

Source: Haseeb Siddiqui

Kami Sid has been all for mainstream representation of transgenders since the very beginning. In fact, she hopes that the platform she has currently will help her create awareness on a greater scale that will eventually pave way for empathy.


After showing great promise in Rani’s first look, Kami is all set to debut in a new drama.


Her new venture is Express Entertainment’s Dil-E-Nadan.

The show is set to air this November. It’s been written by Sajjad Haider Zaidi and directed by Naveed Jaffery. She’ll be working with numerous actors, with Aabid Ali, Syed Mukhtar Ahmed, Manzoor Qureshi, Asad Zaman and Mariam Mirza being a few to name.



Talking to, Kami gave some details about the show and the character:

“In the show, my character is a transgender who doesn’t get acceptance from her family. She’s upset and sad and winds up in a neighborhood where she encounters a man named Gul Khan. He listens to her, he empowers her and gets her a job working for a local beautician, in whom I find a support system. However, after a few days, my parents put out an ad in the paper looking for me. That really warms my heart as it makes me realize that they do consider me their own and they do accept me no matter what, even if it did take some time for them to come around. This character is not only going to evoke interest but also empathy.”



Talking about the importance the role holds for the transgender community, Kami had the following to say:

“It’s an issue-based drama, which will highlight the lack of acceptance of transgenders in our society. Yes, there have been shows about this particular matter before but those roles have always been played by men. For the first time, you’ll see a real transgender portraying such a role. The aim is to make sure that transgenders get acceptance, get work just like everyone else and we’re implementing that in real life – my casting being an example of just that.”

Source: dawn,com

Kami has previously highlighted how she firmly believes that such roles will help highlight the plight of the transgender community. Moreover, she hopes that the audience will sympathize and, eventually, empathize with transgenders as well. We sincerely wish her luck and hope that this truly makes way for the acceptance she wishes to see in our society.

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