Pakistan's First Transgender Model, Kami Sid, Is About To Become The Rani Of Our Hearts

By Sajeer Shaikh | 27 Jun, 2017

For those of you who may not know her, this is Kami Sid

Source: Haseeb Siddiqui

Kami is a transgender model and activist

Source: Kami Sid

Kami started making waves when she debuted as a model last year in November.

She partnered up with photographer Haseeb M Siddiqui for a photo shoot to lay emphasis on the need for transgenders to be a part of mainstream media. Outspoken and bold, she is known to champion for the transgender community as she believes that representation is extremely important. After slaying as a queen in real life, she will soon be seen in a short film titled Rani, where Kami plays the main role.

Source: GrayScale Fim TV/Instagram

The film, directed by the US-based director, Hammad Rizvi, focuses on Kami’s character, Raniwho earns her living by selling toys on the streets of Karachi. One day, she happens to find an abandoned baby outside an orphanage and, in a whirlwind of emotion, takes the child home. Soon, however, she is made to realize that the child will have to face discrimination due to her decision.

Source: Dawn

Talking to MangoBaaz about the movie and the entire experience, Kami stated:

“The character has a lot of depth. I wasn’t too sure if I could do justice to the character. However, once we started shooting, I realized that I would be able to do a great job. The point of having a transgender play the role, instead of hiring a man, as is usually done, is to promote the idea that if you have a specific role requirement, hire people from within that community. What is the point of hiring a man to play a transgender? The essence of the character is lost in ridicule.”

Source: Dawn

Shooting this movie was not the easiest task.

From shooting in the streets to crowds gathering everywhere they went, the team did face their fair share of obstacles. However, everyone was determined in getting their bit done.

“We’re trying to push forward the idea that people from the transgender community are a part of society as well. When people see this movie, they will hopefully realize that we have the same problems as everyone else and we think the exact same way. This film is an excellent way to show society that people from within the transgender community can do anything – be it acting or modeling. We’re more than the stereotypes that have long been enforced.”

Source: GrayScale Film TV

Thinking back to her personal struggles, Kami stated:

“I’ve faced a lot of discrimination and violence. I had to struggle a lot to be able to do what I am doing. However, I am doing exactly what I wanted to do. No one can stop me. All my struggles have made me stronger and more confident.”

Kami wishes to be a voice for the marginalized.

She hopes to keep championing for those who don’t have a voice themselves and is seen doing so every chance she can get. Rani is one such way in which she hopes to highlight the struggles of her community. Kami is trying to pave the path for the much-needed acceptance of the transgender community through her work. She sums it all perfectly with the following words:

Hum koi computer ki ijad nahi hain. Hum bhi maa ki kok sae paida hokar baray huay hain.” (We are not computer generated machines. We, too, have been birthed from our mothers’ wombs.)

Source: Dawn

In case you’re wondering what the movie will look like, here’s the first look:

Kami’s insatiable drive to do more is awe-inspiring. To say that she is a powerhouse would be an understatement. Her excitement for the movie is contagious and her passion for the project truly makes you wonder how much emotion was put into this role. We’re looking forward to Rani. What about you?

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