Justin Bieber's Performing In India And This Is One Reason We're So Glad He's Not Coming To Pakistan

By Biya Haq | 4 May, 2017

It is common knowledge that ‘Bieber Fever’ is a very real thing with this generation. Even though most of us hated Justin Bieber before (circa him crashing a car, breaking up with Selena and just being an all around ganda bacha), our love for him was revived when he came out with his Purpose album. You can’t deny it, ‘Sorry,’ ‘What Do You Mean’ and ‘Love Yourself’ were some of the most catchiest songs of last year.

And as part of his Purpose world tour, Bieber will be hitting India next week to perform at the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai (WE ARE LITERALLY RIGHT NEXT DOOR WHY DOES EVERYONE FORGET US) (*Heavy breathing*).

And even though most people here would kill for tickets to see Justin in real life, his list of demands might have us feeling otherwise…

Indian music journalist, Arjun S Ravi, tweeted out the artist’s list of demands that was presented to the venue:


And they include some seriously decadent stuff

Via @arjun_s_ravi / Twitter


Via @arjun_s_ravi / Twitter


It is normal for artists on tour around the world to place requests to the venues they’re performing at, to make themselves more comfortable and ready to perform for their adoring fans.

But, seriously?

A masseuse to be flown in?

Via: Deenga


A jacuzzi?


A yoga casket?! (Yeh hai kya)

Via: Marie Claire



According to the American press, Biebs and his entourage of 120 people have reserved two 5 star hotels, will travel in VIP buses, sedans and of course, a Rolls Royce for the star himself.


Can you even imagine all that hassle of providing Biebs with all that stuff?

I think we all have enough to worry about without having to add on Justin’s need for specialty chefs, thank you very much.

But challo, enjoy India, we’ll be over here not running errands for a 13 year old singer. But actually do enjoy, it is Justin Bieber after all.


Also here is a series of pictures of Justin for no reason:

Via: Giphy
Via: Unlimited Moves


Are you a fan of the Biebs? What kind of requests would you make if you were a huge mega international pop star? Do you not care about this literally at all? Let us know in the comments section below! Love you.


Cover image via: playbuzz.com

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