Junaid Akram and Irfan Junejo Had The Most Passive Aggressive Fight On Instagram And Um, Awkward

By Rameeza Ahmad | 14 Jan, 2019

Who knew Irfan Junejo and Junaid Akram were such shade throwing queens?

The YouTube community in Pakistan is comparatively smaller than those found in other places around the world. And most of the time, the community is at harmony with one another. However, this is not one of those times. In an Instagram story, Irfan Junejo threw some shade at an ‘unnamed person’. However, it was not very hard for anyone to figure out who he was talking about.

In his story, Junejo says that a few months ago a fellow content creator said ‘everyone wants to be Junejo’ but it’s content that matters, not just production quality which Junejo clearly has.

Source: Pakistani YouTuber via YouTube

Junejo said that this ‘person’, had said that while others used drones and what not, he managed to make great content by just using his phone’s camera. This clearly struck a nerve with Junejo, who said he confronted the YouTuber when he posted this claim even then.

BUT, the issue was dug up again because the person who threw shade at Junejo had himself hired a studio and a professional editor to edit their videos. This made Junejo drive home his initial point once again; how production quality is just as important as content.

You can watch what he said below:

And when Junaid Akram saw the video, he immediately guessed it was about him and uploaded a response.

He started off by saying that he knew Irfan Junejo was talking about him and he had never intended to make him so angry that he didn’t even name him directly. Akram then said that while he did say this, Junejo missed the compliment completely.

Source: Pakistani YouTuber via YouTube.com

Akram stated that he merely meant that other YouTubers who were trying to copy Irfan Junejo should focus on their content since there is only one Junejo.

Furthermore, he emphasized on how Junejo is extremely talented and it would be hard to be like him. He wanted other YouTubers to find their own niche instead of merely copying what Junejo does; he never meant it as an insult to him.

And as for why he had now hired a studio and an editor, it was because he has started to make podcasts now and he can’t have guests come and sit on his bed and record the conversation on his phone anymore. He wanted to make sure it was professional.

He then said that the YouTube community in Pakistan is too small for the people in it to have issues with one another which is why they should just bury the hatchet and sort it out.

Junejo, however, did not respond to Akram. His last story was him telling his followers how he was about to travel for a project so it’s safe to say that Irfan might not have even seen Junejo’s response right now.

What do you guys think of this feud? Let us know in the comments.

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