Joti Statovci, A Big Name In The World of Entrepreneurship

By MangoBaaz Studio | 22 Jul, 2021

Joti Statovci from Kosova once said, “Do good and have good, was a phenomenon in my mind until I searched for and dragged myself into the world of digital business.” After untested efforts and determination, he managed to enlist his name amongst re-own entrepreneurs, influencers, and drop shipping. Furthermore, forex trading assisted him determinedly in this regard. Since making money by following the traditional methods and paying high costs to the industries and gold earning hands was the part which everyone had to follow by hook and by crook, therefore, he changes the meaning of entrepreneurship by inventing innovative programs and strategies through digital businesses to help them make their profit and turn the table upside down by rationalizing these new strategies.

Furthermore, people followed and continue to follow by attaining their reward of hard work and strategizing planning.

Providing the goods directly to wholesalers, investors, manufacturers or retailers caused them a great amount of money saved rather to spend a lot in inventory. Joti however, tried to master all the skills of drop shipping and created an online shop with the name of “” which eventually developed as a big breakthrough in my career. Multiple online stores in various niches were set up following these incredible strategies and brilliantly without any pre-investments. All those who tried their luck in this business eerie either dropped down or retained their secret in their hearts. He was the only one who shared it was to war and opens in the ground for all those who wanted to take the first flight. He traveled through several horizons to bring diversity in his work as well as skills and strategies. But, patriotism hooked his utmost talents to own the best apparel brand of the world by the name of UBYKS in Kovoso. The fashion and feasibility of hoodies and other apparel in the uniqueness of his company that is loved and promoted by several renowned personalities not only in Kosovo but across the borders.

FOREX trading is another name of Joti Statovci since selling, buying, and exchange of currencies at determined prices.

He considers his faults, flaws, and mistakes to be his deva leading him towards a trained trader and try not to repeat his mistakes. He spent two complete years squeezing down all the crests and troughs of the road of FOEX trading to avoid any potholes in his long-term investments. He tries not to hide anything from his trainee and launch free lectures and work strategies to make them interested in their work rather than run with a heavy heart and empty pocket.

They say, making a nation to follow your words is not more prestigious than making people follow your shadow. Gaining the confidence of the mob through your commitment and wisdom is worthy enough to create the stardom of fan following. his determination paid him back and he received the best FOREX trader award in 2020. He has more than six million followers around the globe on various social media sources like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. He is known as an influencer to create a difference by promoting and helping other enthusiasts to spread their feathers and make people giving a trial on their products and values by entrusting his veto power.

He also helps other entrepreneurs to gain a foot in deep soils by branding their ideas and promoting their vision.

Being a professional in the field, he considers it his responsibility to make the skillful individuals familiar with FOREX trading strategies and tactics so they can create a bright and promising future for themselves. JS FOREX is a platform where they can learn in-depth methodologies of FOREX trading and Joti, with his experienced team is honored to offer their worthwhile services. Their sole purpose is to deliver appropriate and effective information about market strategies to help businesses grow and flourish in no time.


Cover image via Joti Statovci

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