11 Times Pakistani Kids Scared The Crap Out Of Their Families

By Sajeer Shaikh | 17 Jul, 2021

As Pakistanis, we grow up with certain beliefs. A huge part of those beliefs is our vehement faith in superstition, and all things paranormal. Beliefs and values tend to rub off on children, which makes them say the craziest things. We asked you guys what the craziest things Pakistani kids around you have said or done, and boy, you did not disappoint. Here we go:


1. “Mama, main aap ke paas so jaon? Dado sonay nahi de raheen”

“My 7-year-old said this in the middle of the night. Her grandmother is dead.”


2. Younger sister’s sleepwalking antics

“My baby sister tends to sleepwalk. Because there’s very little we really know about it, and it’s easy to dismiss, we thought ke sab theek hai, outgrow kar legi. But when she started standing by my bed at night with her eyes open, just staring at the wall in front of her, I freaked out.”


3. The woman in the drawing room

“Growing up, the drawing room was always off limits for me and my siblings. Isn’t it a very middle class thing? One whole room, dedicated just to guests and mehmaan nawaazi? Anyway, one evening we were all in the lounge and we thought my younger brother was napping in his room. Suddenly, he came running out of the drawing room (we still don’t know how) and started crying. He said the woman in the drawing room had pinched him hard. He showed us his arm, which didn’t have any mark on it. We checked the drawing room and it was all empty. My parents put him to bed in their room. When he woke up the next day, he had a huge red mark and some swelling on his arm.”

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4. Knives out – Pakistani kids edition 

“My younger sister was once found stabbing the curtain in her room with a knife while laughing loudly. Don’t know how she got the knife, but we’ve kept all our stuff on shelves she can’t reach since then.”


5. The mystery of Nadir

“Saw my youngest son punching the air once. I asked him what he was doing and he said, ‘Nadir ke saath khel raha hoon.’ We thought that Nadir was an imaginary friend. A few years later, he introduced a couple of his friends to us at his birthday party. He grabbed one boy by the arm and said, “Ammi, Nadir se milain. Hum bachpan main saath khelte thay.”


6. Big houses and Pakistani kids

“We went back to our village once to visit our family. Our ancestral home is huge and quite isolated. My son loved running around the place, and often, we would hear him singing and humming to himself. One day, he was playing upstairs with one of the house help, when the worker ran downstairs, worried. He said that my son kept talking to the air, welcoming a bunch of kids and playing pakram pakrai with them. He didn’t make anything of it, but when my son laughed, he apparently heard other laughs echoing on that floor.”

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7. Pakistani kids and talking in their sleep 

“My daughter talks in her sleep. A lot. She keeps mentioning her grandfather by his name. He died years before she was even born.”

8. “Garden waley bachon ko maaroongi”

“My daughter kept repeating this when she was a kid. We live in apartments. We don’t have a garden.”

9. Mystery massage

“Every night my son would sleep unusually well, he would thank some Sukaina aunty for a massage the night before in his room.”

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10. Double lives?

“My kids would keep asking about who they were in their past life. I don’t know where they even heard of such a concept. One day, I caught my daughter biting my son. When I scolded her, she said, “Isko daantey. Maara toh is ne tha pehle wali ko.”


11. Pakistani kids and their songs

“My kids had this really weird song that they would keep singing. They would hold hands and start singing, “Woh ayegi, woh ayegi, phir se raat ko ayegi” and it scared the crap out of me.


Jeez. I have chills just penning all these down. What about you? Have any scary stories to add? Share away.


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