Jemima Khan Has Just One Thing She's Wishing For In The New Year

By Sarah Babar | 1 Jan, 2018

We live in a country where everyone’s business is uuusually our business. And it’s worse for PTI’s ex-first lady, and possibly one of Pakistan’s favorite women: Jemima Goldsmith Khan. People love her to absolute bits and every time she says or does anything even remotely related to us desis, humaari tau Eid hi ho jaati hai. And her life has been pretty transparent, whether it was her time in Pakistan, before or after


We all know that she still shares a cordial relationship with Imran Khan



One where she also likes bugging him

Unfun. #BoredonaSaturdaynight #FaceApp

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And the love she has for her kids also knows no bounds



However, there is one question that she keeps being asked over and over again


And this time, she spoke up about it, too

It was also literally the funniest thing we’ve read in a while, with Jemima saying that no matter what she says or does, she will be asked the same question over and over again


And Pakistanis didn’t let her down and stood up in support of Mr Buland Akhtar’s query


She was asked to consider the option


And asked over and over and over again


We don’t know about Khan being the best, but we know who our favorite bhaabi sure is


He has a point, tbh


This adorable khandaani inclusion melted our hearts


This guy was giving Jemima words of comfort


And this guy found a beech ka raasta


We’re just surprised that these people haven’t yet started a #BringJemimaBackToPakistan campaign on social media


Obviously, people will make fun of other people’s English…*cue facepalm*


This guy who is big on consent made it clear that Khan sahab was one lucky man


And this person who had a point: love for Jemima united a nation that doesn’t come together for much else


Yes she is


And this desi Sherlock Holmes who was finding clues, and in turn, material for persuasion


Well…to be honest…they kinda do look really cute together


Yeh baat tau hai, wese


There were clingy people


And lots of them


And this person who was very confident of certain facts


This guy who thought that deep down inside, Imran Khan was still that romantic in a sherwani, and maybe, who really knows


Uhhh…worst approach to an issue, much?



Soory bhaabi for the incessant questions!

What do you think of the whole situation?


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