On Sensationalism And Social Media: Javed Sheikh Opens Up About THAT Incident With Mahira

By Sarah Babar | 26 Feb, 2018

Javed Sheikh is a name that’s usually synonymous with respect and dignity. However, recent incidents have changed that. To provide context, at the Lux Style Awards, Javed Sheikh was presenting the award for Best Actress – Film to the recipient, Mahira Khan, when this happened


While it seems like he was trying to kiss Mahira on the cheek and she pulled away, rather awkwardly



Mahira clarified things by putting up this tweet

Source: @themahirakhan / Twitter



And Javed Sheikh also responded humorously, at first

Source: @jerjeesseja / Instagram



However, while speaking to another publication, he opened up about the incident

Source: veryfilmi.com

He said, according to ‘Something Haute‘, that that they were on stage, he bent to greet her, as he does in real life, she didn’t know and she pulled away at that very moment, which made for some really awkward footage. And that it really was nothing of what it had been made out to be.



He brought in how people misuse social media to spread negativity, when it can be used to spread other, more meaningful messages

Source: pakistantoday.com.pk

Saying that we should be using technology to our benefit and not to spread sensationalism among people. That nowadays, television picks up stories from social media and turns them into breaking news which, in turn, lead to people making an unnecessarily big fuss about it. That people have started calling out Mahira for not behaving the right way with an industry legend as big as Javed Sheikh. He also said that it was the social media that made such a big issue out of the whole incident, so technology, if not used constructively can be quite destructive.



Speaking about Mahira, how she felt, and his equation with her, Javed Sheikh said that she was very upset after the whole incident blew up on social media

Source: thenews.com.pk

He said that that Mahira and him would always be on good terms, as they share mutual respect for one another, and that she is a good colleague. He also said that incidents like these have a very short shelf-life and that people usually find something else and move on.


With so many clarifications pouring in, we sincerely believe that it’s time we cut the two some slack. What do you think of the Javed Sheikh’s statement about the issue? Let us know. Okay byeee ~



Javed Sheikh Tried To Kiss Mahira On The Cheek, And Her Rejection Has Set Twitter On Fire



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