Here's How Actress Nadia Jamil Changed The Lives Of These Street Children When She Adopted Them

By Alveena Jadoon | 26 Feb, 2018

Adoption is often not considered an option by many Pakistani parents. The reason is the stigma attached to the concept of adoption.


A country where women are beaten, divorced and even killed for not producing the desired offspring; adoption is never really considered as an option for parents.

Couples that do adopt are often marginalized because the inability to produce is seen as a question upon their manhood and femininity.


Men often resort to second marriages in cases where a woman is incapable of producing offsprings or is having daughters one after the other. Women on the other hand, if find themselves in a situation where the husband is impotent, have to stay within the marriage.


However a country whose population size is increasing rapidly, many children are left abandoned.

The reasons wary; it can be due to a divorce, lack of funds to raise them, unwanted female child, or the sudden death of parents.


In such cases, people need to understand the importance of adoption. Especially in cases where they are able to raise a child and provide him/her a better environment.

Many abandoned children, if they don’t end up in Edhi homes, resort to finding means of income and end up being exposed to the harsh realities of life at a very young age. This should not be the life of any child because they deserve the retention of their innocence and to save them from indulging in crimes.


Actress Nadia Jamil recently took to Twitter to talk about her adopted sons

Her younger son was a street child. He was brutally stabbed and burned till he could not speak. This happened around 2 years ago. Her elder son was a slave at a brick kiln around 10 years ago. She decided to adopt them and give them a happy and better life.


Upon seeing her inspiring story, fans were overwhelmed


Sending messages of love and hope for the actress and her family


Children are the future of this country and need to be protected.

An effective way to do that is to get rid of the stigma around adoption and encourage people to use this option. Many lives will be saved and the generation will remarkably improve in its outlook.


Here’s How Difficult It Has Been To Raise An Adopted Child In Pakistan



Actress Nadia Jamil Sharing Her Experience Of Being Abused Is Encouraging Others To Come Forward


Cover image via @NJLahori / Twitter

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