Supporters Of Javed Latif Tweeted About Their Love For Him And It Backfired REAL QUICK

By Sarmad Amer | 14 Mar, 2017

The PML N leader and Member National Assembly, Mian Javed Latif, was in the news for his terrible judgment while talking about fellow Parliamentarian, Murad Saeed of PTI. Mr. Latif had, rather crassly, decided to trash the character of Murad Saeed’s family members while discussing his dispute with the PTI MNA at a press conference.


So, some Javed Latif fanboys decided to tweet about their love for him, against the better judgment of every thinking human being


But thanks to Mr. Latif’s disgusting choice of words earlier, people on Twitter quickly shut it down


And it wasn’t just Insafians (as some like to label them) who were expressing their disgust over this trend

People were absolutely disgusted over the shameless support of some very filthy words

Like really, really disgusted


Most especially women


Who clapped back with some facts that should shut us up real quick


Political allegiances aside, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) needs to call a spade a spade

It’s not just Javed Latif fanboys who do it, Imran Khan supporters have been equally bigoted in their response to Imran Khan implying that some players in PSL were phateechar because they were from Africa, even though they weren’t even from Africa, actually.


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