Pakistanis Are Tweeting Everything They Write In Their Diaries And It's So Entertaining

By Sarmad Amer | 13 Mar, 2017

Writing a diary is an interesting passion. Many a professional writers started off by keeping a diary. They say it’s a really good hobby to write a diary because it helps you focus, it helps you gather your thoughts, it’s therapeutic and of course, it makes you a good writer because you’re practicing how to do it, day in day out.


Pakistani have started tweeting about what their diaries say


And it’s revealing so much about the people


There are those who’re tweeting their deepest darkest secrets


And others who’re revealing their biggest concerns

People are tweeting their diary entries about their love


And about those they really don’t love anymore

There are jokers whose diaries are full of funny one-liners


And some really crass ones


Speaking of one-liners, apparently life advice is really popular among people and their diaries, in Pakistan


There are funny ones, there are sad, angry diary entries and there’s everything in between. One thing’s for sure, Pakistanis (or, at least, some of them) don’t really hold back when revealing their biggest secrets in a diary out to Twitter, and the whole world.


Basically, this person just said what we’re thinking right about now


What does your diary say?

Cover image via: IRK Films

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