Javed Chaudhry Made Fun Of Ahmad Shahzad And Pakistani Cricketers Are REALLY MAD

By Iman Zia | 20 Jul, 2017

Javed Saab, please explain yourself

Political analyst Javed Chaudhry isn’t alien to putting his foot in his own mouth. The somewhat haughty talk show host is prone to making rather brash statements and is dubbed the somewhat mellow Aamir Liaquat. The analyst took to Express news channel to discuss some pressing matters, as per the norm, but might have been feeling a little too perverse, what with his odd analogy…

At one point thought it incredibly necessary to take out a few minutes to talk about Ahmad Shahzad’s antics after Pakistan won the ICC Champions Trophy…and somehow linked it into Panama

…Something we honestly don’t understand. Javed suggested that Ahmad’s ‘smartness’ during his little tirade of antics that surfaced post-match, like him seizing the trophy at the win, or his attempt at a selfie at the Prime Minister’s Secretariat that earned him tremendous backlash – is the exact kind of ‘smartness’ that existed in the supreme court.


Source: Universal Television


This tweet was noticed by a rightly confused cricketer Ahmad Shahzad, who questioned the particular genre of Javed jee’s little rant


Other cricketers, like Hasan Ali and Imad Wasim, chipped in and agreed that keeping cricket and politics as the separate entities that they are is sensible

Imad was slightly more irked than Hassan, and advocated that analysts ‘do’ their ‘respective jobs’


Ahmad responded to fellow compatriots with a hearty few words of inspiration


Fans assented to Ahmad’s statement



And while some called Javed Chaudhry’s comments the end of his career

Others labeled this a poor attempt at earning a few extra rupees




Some were upset at the thought that our champions in green weren’t getting the respect they had rightfully earned

A few were livid and were quick to come to the defense of their hero

Words of disappointment for Javed Chaudry’s mockery of Ahmad Shahzad angered many




What did you think of Javed saab’s strange rant? Do you get it?

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