Jam Safdar Is The Official King Of Desi TikTok And I Just Can't Get Enough Of Him

By Janita Tahir | 25 Apr, 2020

Jam Safdar is the latest king of TikTok

In case you’re bored as heck during this lockdown, Jam Safdar is the only name you need to know. With his brilliantly creative Tik Toks, Jam is winning hearts all over. As a man of many talents, Jam is sure to teach you a lot of life lessons.


Jam Safdar will show you how to ride tigers

In case you were wondering, all you have to do is sit with a chokri and a laathi in your hand and you can tame these tigers like Jam Safdar.

@jamsafdar0786##illu ##illu ##illu ##illu ##illu ##illu♬ original sound – Lucky Ali Khan007


He will teach you how to fly without an airplane

No tickets? No flights? No problem.

Why spend your money on expensive airline tickets when you have your good old friendly neighborhood eagles around? They will come to take you for a ride if you play nikkah jian dhola sona jian dhola in the background.

Nothing can scare Jam Safdar. He gives you many lessons in bravery as well

Oceans? Tides? Sharks? Pfft. All are scared when Jam Safdar comes out to play. Giving sath sumandar paar a whole new meaning. One TikTok at a time.

He defies the laws of gravity

Oh please, gravity can’t stop Jam Safdar. When he puts his mind to it, he can fly motorbikes in the sky and reach airplanes in the cloud. You can bet all your money on the fact that he’ll be overshadowing Abhishek Bachan in Dhoom 4.

Did you know Jam Safdar was the real Alladin?

They actually cast him for Alladin, but he gracefully decided to step down and let the younger generation shine. Here are some scenes from the original movie.

Traffic stops just so that he can take a selfie

Do we need any more proof of this man’s greatness? With a swish of his hand, he can stop all cars. To take a selfie.

He knows how to command technology

When he isn’t flying on his magnificent eagle, Jamal Safdar is busy taking his airplanes for a ride. In his own style. Sitting in a plane is overrated. Standing on it, though? Hmm, now that’s something else.

Pakistani Pride Jam Safdar conquers Mars

We are very proud of our agent Safdar Sahab who flew to Mars on his magic carpet and planted Pakistan’s flag there.

He can also be a fish when he wants to

Like I said, a man of many talents. In his spare time, when he is not exploring Mars, he becomes a fish and gives little children rides on his back.

@jamsafdar0786no views no likes with the fu k foryo foryo tiktok♬ original sound – Jaana Tanoli

I don’t know about you, but I think Jam Safdar is iconic. A legend. A hero. A phenomenon unto himself.

What do you think about his videos? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover Image Via Twitter/ Youtube @ Jam Safdar from Tiktok

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