It's Cherry Blossom Season In Northern Pakistan And The Whole Area Truly Looks Like Heaven On Earth Right Now

By Ramsha Bhatti | 20 Apr, 2019

With summer break right around the corner, almost everyone is gearing up for their summer vacay. But who even needs to take into consideration going elsewhere for a timeout when we have all beauty encapsulated in the Northern wing of Pakistan.


From snow-capped mountains to freshwater lakes, Northern Pakistan is a treat for anyone who wishes to explore the picturesque natural beauty without ever having to leave the country.



While everyone is fully aware of the eye-catching terrain Pakistan has been blessed with, did you know that we have our very own Cherry Blossom season as well?

Japan is world famous for its incredible picturesque Cherry Blossom bloom but HOLY SHIT YOU’VE GOT TO SEE WHAT A STUNNING BEAUTY NORTHERN PAKISTAN LOOKS LIKE RIGHT NOW.

As spring emerges, the barren fields of Northern Pakistan, namely: Hunza, Swat, and Gilgit, are painted pink as the Cherry Blossom gardens bloom.


The blooming season of the Cherry Blossom gardens is what indicates spring in the Northern regions. 

The season of Cherry Blossom usually ranges from mid of March to the end of April. Yaani, andaazan spring ka season. Which means that this season is just about ending now.

This is also the best time to visit Northern Pakistan since the weather is extremely pleasant and there isn’t any snow to hamper your expeditions too! Definitely a win-win situation.

Haye Allah. Look at those pretty little buds and petals.


Tourists, from across the nation and beyond, flock to Hunza and other surrounding territories in order to witness the fields turn into new shades of pink as the Cherry blossom season approaches.


Even our very own cricketing great Hafeez bhai was recently there to enjoy the beauty of this area in full bloom


Khubsoorti ke ilawa, the plant has a lot of significance which contributes greatly towards the local culture of the Northern regions of our country. 

Source: Qammer Wazir Photography


Scenic beauty aside, the Cherry Blossom plant is considered to be one which symbolizes serenity and simplicity.

Source: Qammer Wazir Photography


The color of the plant and the soft aesthetics of the gardens, in general, are what make the plant an epitome of tranquility, making it really popular among the onlookers.

Source: Qammer Wazir Photography


Carpeting the fields with pink lush trees, cherry blossom gardens are a treat for everyone.

Source: Qammer Wazir Photography


Not to forget, this region at this time of year is totally ‘grammable!

#2019 #Wanderlust #BeautifulPakistan

Source: Qammer Wazir Photography


The pink gardens indicate new beginnings after the harsh winters.

The dry and strenuous winter months come to an end, with the field of Northern Pakistan turning pink in every nook and cranny. Cherry Blossom gardens are what make spring in Northern Pakistan all the more mesmerizing and picturesque. However, it is not these fields which add to the local khoobsurati but many other trees and plants of varying colors as well.

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Needless to say, the Cherry Blossom tree is one nature’s most mesmerizing creations and one can never get enough of it.

How beautifully the pastel shades melt together to create the most awe-inducing shade of pink is breathtaking. If you’re planning to visit Northern Pakistan anytime soon, my advice to you would be to pre-pone your trip so you can have some Gram worthy pictures for your feed.

So have you seen the Cherry Blossom Gardens in real life? Are they really as beautiful as they seem in pictures? Hype up our excitement by letting us know in the comments.


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Cover image via: @yawartalib / Instagram and Qammer Wazir Photography

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