Here's Proof That Islamabad Is The Best City, Even If It Doesn't Have A Beach. Sorry, Karachi.

By Haadia Paracha | 5 Apr, 2017

It’s been a glorious past couple days in Islamabad, if I may say so myself. Call me biased but jesay hee humne socha ke lawn ko hawa laga dein, it started raining like crazy. Yesterday, however, was a total sneak attack. One second it was bright and sunny and super hot and the next, these big fat clouds came in like a wrecking ball. It drizzled a little, there was some breeze which later turned into a storm. And it was a storm like no other. And these photos will prove that regardless of “Lahore Lahore hayke naaray and Karachiites always showing off about the beach, Islamabad CLEARLY has more game than any other city. Finito.

It was like a shot out of a Hollywood sci-fi judgment day, end-of-the-world, impending doom type of film which almost always seems to happen in New York.


Get ready folks. There’s either going to be a massive twister or an alien invasion.

Source: @bauhatsara Via: Twitter


Or maybe it’s time to say Afreen Afreen because Mother Nature is seriously is the best artist of them all.

Source: @ramizkhawar Via: Twitter

This is always a great excuse for people to capture some ~cloud porn~ photography.


And as the city drowns under water, can we get together and appreciate how all the sunset hues come together on a canvas all around Centaurus.


In case you need some perspective, here’s how when it rains, it POURS.

And during the short break when we all expected the storm to subside, there was a brief moment in time when it was perfect for a walk in the park.

Source: @DanyalGilani Via: Twitter


The sun came out again but it wasn’t really hot and humid like some ~other~ cities.

Source: @ramizkhawar Via: Twitter


Look at the way the sun rays break the bed of clouds.

Source: @theayeshaa Via: Twitter


This just keeps getting better and better.


Islamabad, can you not?

Source: @SophiaSaifi Via: Twitter


So many colors, all hail the SPRING.

Source: @Saba_Sayss Via: Twitter


Aisay mausum mein koi perh bhi nai sakta. Might as well go for a stroll and get those pakoras ready.

Source: @Saba_Sayss Via: Twitter


And then, after all that calm and beauty, came the ROAR.


This was….scary. Not gonna lie.


Anyway, here was your definitive proof that Islamabad > All.


But then again, you can always choose to be butthurt about it. ?

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