This Team From Indian Occupied Kashmir Wore The Pakistani Cricket Jersey And India's Losing Its Shit

By Sarah Babar | 5 Apr, 2017

The Kashmir issue has long been outstanding in our part of the world. Whether it’s over possession, over speaking about human rights, or even over displaying affection towards one country or the other.

Pakistan and India have been at bickering ends for countless years, now, over the Kashmir issue. While Kashmiris generally want their independence. Some have sided with Pakistan and displayed solidarity with the greens in subtle ways.


A local cricket team just shocked the world by donning the Pakistan cricket team’s jerseys.

The match was held at the Wayil grounds in Ganderbal on April 2. Separatists had called for a hartaal that day to protest against PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir for the Chenani-Nashri tunnel.

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In a recently surfaced video on the internet, players from a local cricket team in Kashmir wore the Pakistan national cricket kit.

While recently, there have been a lot of covert attacks on Kashmir and her citizens, this was an open defiance of the curfews and the militancy present in Kashmir, at the moment. This coming from a state that’s been the subject of fights between two countries who arrest their citizens for showing support for the other’s cricket team.


These boys in green also decided to show their respect for Pakistan by playing the Pakistani national anthem before the match began.

While their uniforms alone turned a lot of heads, when the lads asked for the Pakistani national anthem to be played, everyone looked at each other for a second. But…we’re not complaining. We’re just hoping this doesn’t turn out to be like the time where a young man was arrested for liking Shahid Afridi and displaying the Pakistani flag on his roof, during a cricket match.

Source: YouTube


Now whether these boys in green wanted to show their love for Pakistan or their dislike for India with this act hasn’t been confirmed, but Indians haven’t taken to it very warmly

Like this guy who was just angry at the whole thing


And this guy who suggested something we’ve wanted to happen, all along


This one who wanted ‘a very strong action’ to be taken against Kashmiris…


And this one who was just egging people further to keep the violence going


And this girl who didn’t know what the whole story is


And Bhushan ji who went to the highest authority to complain


Haye haan please. Along with Arjun Kapoor and Shahrukh Khan, please.


Here’s the video of their “demonstration”


Either way, we’re strong advocates of freedom of speech – however, it’s done and whoever does it. What are your thoughts on this?

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