Islamabad High Court Just Denied Nawaz Sharif’s Bail And Pakistanis Can’t Stop Roasting Him For It

By Biya Haq | 25 Feb, 2019

Lol, yikes.

Honestly, if we had a rupee for every time we heard Nawaz trying to get out of jail, we’d all be rich.

Nawaz Sharif-trolled-AGAIN

Okay so maybe not rich rich, but Avenfield rich for sure.

Since his sentence was announced last year, Nawaz has been doing some hard time at Kot Lakhpat jail and no matter how hard Nawaz wants out, the Islamabad High Court has decided that they want him in.

The Islamabad High Court just officially rejected Nawaz Sharif’s bail.

The 9-page document detailing Nawaz’s bail was insistent on the fact that the release was necessary due to Nawaz’s medical condition. While the IHC has the power to grant bail and suspend a sentence, it is stated under Article 199 of the Constitution that that jurisdiction may only be used, “sparingly, in extraordinary circumstances and in cases of extreme hardship.”

Therefore, the IHC said Nah.

The court said that Sharif’s condition is one that can be treated in jail as well as in the jail hospital and without the need for Nawaz’s release from prison. He was shifted to Jinnah Hospital ten days earlier and will continue to be treated there without bail.

And though this may be quite the disappointment for Sharif and his loyal followers, the rest of Pakistan is pretty much celebrating like there is no tomorrow. Yep.

Following his rejection, Pakistanis cannot stop trolling Nawaz Sharif for it

And it’s not subtle either.


Source: Twitter

^ Not relevant but genius.

And it looks like it stopped others from having their own celebrations.

^ Lol, also not related but so good.

Of course, if Nawaz’s health is actually cause for concern, laughter may not be the best way to go. Unfortunately, his track record does not set us too far away from the country’s current perception of him, making it a lot less likely to believe.

If Sharif needs the proper treatment outside of jail that was detailed in his plea, let’s hope the right people are looking into his needs and that proper action will be taken accordingly.

Did you see the news around Nawaz Sharif? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Cover photo source: @zaibasi/@ALIHAIDERCMA Via Twitter

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