People Can't Stop Comparing Last Night's Interview Of Prime Minister Imran Khan With Nawaz Sharif

By Noor | 4 Dec, 2018

Prime Minister Imran Khan gave an interview last night and it’s drawing a lot of chatter


Comparing different political leaders has now become quite a norm. We have already seen many comparisons between Jinnah and Khan. Even after the Khan being in government, there is a constant comparison in the process which highlights the contrasting views and personalities of the ex-Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif and the current one.


Last night Prime Minister Imran Khan was interviewed by the senior journalists who discussed the achievements and a few future projects

Source: @PakPMO/Twitter


Khan voiced his opinions and the interview provides a glimpse of his vision for the state he is ruling

Source: @PakPMO/Twitter


Many people absolutely LOVED the interview


They were satisfied with the way Khan answered the questions by properly explaining his stance and eventually leaving no doubts for the audience


People appreciated the Prime Minister of being fully aware of the manifold challenges faced by the country


BUT eventually, some of the awaam started drawing out comparisons between Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan


A video of Nawaz Sharif being interviewed was shared by many people on social media…


… who basically charted out the differences between both the PMs and said that Khan was more confident 


This old clip instigated a comparison war on Twitter and the supporters of Sharif family also shared the interview clips in which Nawaz Sharif was portrayed as the best civilian leader


And yes, there was a faction which wasn’t really impressed by the interview of Khan…


…they said that the interview was triggering more uncertainty


What do you think. did you really like the interview by Khan? or was it just a mere representation of bold opinions with practical and ideological fissures? Let us know in the comments below.


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