“Ishq Tamasha's” Mehrab Is EXTREMELY Problematic But I Still Root For Him, Am I Wrong To Feel This Way?

By Iman Zia | 30 May, 2018

“Tumhara gunhagar hoon mein”

I’ve recently caught up with the drama that’s got everyone hooked, ‘Ishq Tamasha’ and I’m now obsessed too. It’s not your usual love story, beneath the love story lie many undertones of emotional abuse, borderline obsession, and little didactic compass. Firstly, kudos to writer Misbah Nausheen who has written such a magnificent story, never swaying from focus and never going off the rails into delusion. Also, a round of applause to Junaid Khan, whose acting is simply breathtaking – his screen presence is phenomenal, and his role as Mehrab is simply perfect, and I can’t think of anyone better suited to play the role. Aiman Khan is simply gorgeous, both on-screen as the terribly ill-fated Mirha, and also acting wise.

(Just btw, I’d like to just let out a few feelings; I ship Mehrab and Mirha SO HARD, despite Mehrab being the reason for the catastrophe that’s currently unfolding on the show)

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This one is the aptest I feel…

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Mehrab is a gentle soul, he’s unlike very few heroes we see on telly these days; he’s soft-spoken, kind and humble for someone with such high stature and luxury

He’s calm, respectful of all those around him and really is quite something else. There lurks a sense of curiosity around him everytime he speaks, that just has you simply drawn to him. He hasn’t got a facade, nor does he have any ill intention brimming inside him. I absolutely adore him, despite everything that’s happened.

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So why have I labeled him as problematic? When at first glance all the qualities I’ve bestowed upon him all beautifully immerse into the ideal Prince Charming?

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The most pressing issue at hand, that ultimately causes the awful debacle that has cascaded all characters into quite the pickle, is his unconditional love for his younger brother, Arham

This is Mehrab’s biggest flaw. There’s one thing to love your brother and bring it upon yourself to ensure his happiness, but what Mehrab’s love holds is a chaotic blindness. Arham is an absolute idiot, who’s suddenly fallen hopelessly in love with the rather spoilt and materialistic Rushna (Mirha’s cousin sister) and he’ll do just about anything to get her. Mehrab is obtuse, and incredibly dim-witted when it comes to his brother – and it’s such a shame when Mehrab has the utmost moral doctrine within him.

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His imperceptive and dopey love takes an all new low when Arham is heartbroken that Rushna wants nothing to do with him, kidnapping Mirha (who he mistook for Rushna)

His unjust misconduct with Mirha was unforgivable yes, and he was shockingly cruel (all thanks to his visual impairment for his brother), but the moment he found out she wasn’t who he thought she was, he tries to vindicate her continually afterward. Although Mirha is now shunned from her household, he takes her back home, not giving up on seeking redemption.

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Yet why do I still adore him, after I still cannot forgive him for abducting a girl, regardless of what he thought was in the best interest of Arham?

It’s through these moments that Mehrab is seeking redemption, both consciously and unconsciously. He likes Mirha, that’s undeniable – remember the way he looked at her in the mall? Yet the moment he mistook her for Arham’s love, he never let it sway him. Despite it, his glowing heart truly seeks the best for Mirha. Mirha confided in him about how she’s in love with her chachi jaan’s son – and Mehrab being the valiant man that he is, aids her in trying to get them together.

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He is yet to claim absolution from Mirha, but he is trying his very best, and I understand she is shaken, livid and incredibly upset, but Mehrab truly is trying

At one point, he buys Mirha clothes, insinuating that she would need them (as a gesture), but she denies them instantly, insults him and walks off. He’s still calm and asks the housekeeper to escort the bags of shopping into Mirha’s room. Yes, materialism can’t make things better, but he’s trying to make her feel at home.

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Not everyone is perfect, and his kidnapping should NOT define who he is, because he truly has qualities far greater that trump any flaw within him

He’s trying to make amends, and that is why I will stay by his side and hope him and Mihra end up together. He isn’t vindictive – not even in his weakest moments, and that’s a character worth fighting for.  I really hope Mirha forgives Mehrab and sees the kindness he holds. He is redeeming himself, slowly but surely, making sure her respect isn’t further fragmented (even though it’s already pretty much shattered).

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He truly is guilt-ridden, and you can tell the stress, pain, and grief he’s drowning under, especially after he slaps his beloved Arham in a verbal altercation as it’s all building up inside him

His immediate reaction to what he did is simply brilliant (that’s Junaid’s acting for you); he’s frightened himself, never thinking of ever being capable of laying a hand on the brother he treasures so dearly.

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I hope he seeks the forgiveness he desperately deserves.


Can’t wait for episode 14 now that Rushnah’s in love with Mehrab (good God). This is definitely one of THE best dramas on air right now. What do you think about the show so far?


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