Irfan Junejo Just Shared All The Details From His Wedding

By Sahar Basit | 8 Aug, 2019

Irfan Junejo had a wedding recently and we all wanted to know details about it


After the Irfan Junejo wedding just a few months ago everyone was hungry for details and scenz kuch aise hain ke bhai ne sab kuch bta diya hai 

Aur kiya zabardast tareeke se bataya hai, uff!

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Now before we get into Irfan’s shaadi preps, let’s talk about one thing for a sec. These days it seems like wedding vlogs have swept YouTube by storm! A week ago, Sham and Froggy uploaded their wedding vlogs and shared their beautiful journey with us. Today, Irfan Junejo uploaded his “dulha mian diary” to share with his fans the entire process of getting his wedding, that took place this past February, off the ground. It was a really nice change to see how the wedding preps took place strictly from the dulha’s point of view.


It all started with Irfan finding the perfect kapra for his sherwani

Source: Irfan Junejo / YouTube

Irfan’s search for his sherwani cloth was a long one but it didn’t end there. He had to then give it for stitching in the hopes that it would turn out as he had imagined.


His “to-do” list for wedding preparations had me stressed out!

Source: Irfan Junejo / YouTube

Just looking at the amount of work he had to get done and the time that he had left! From wedding cards to clothes to running for last-minute alterations, Irfan was super stressed.


He had his wedding card specially made by a graphic artist and it looked super cute!

Source: Irfan Junejo / YouTube

According to Irfan, artist kee shaadi hai toh pata toh chalay! Their wedding cards were absolutely adorable and he went around the city himself and distributed them. He even addressed one to the bride herself! This took up a lot of time obviously and he still had way too much to do.


12 days before the festivities were to begin there was still too much to do

Source: Irfan Junejo / YouTube

He still had to figure out what clothes and shoes he was going the wear on the sangeet, furniture needed to be bought and the ring needed to be ordered. Irfan admitted that the last time he was this stressed out was during his Intermediate exams.


Thankfully, he was able to manage everything on time but the dance preparations were disastrous

Source: Irfan Junejo / YouTube

Minutes before the sangeet, Irfan and his friends were trying to remind each other the different dance steps and needless to say it was so disastrous that he decided not to include it in the vlog.


Hand-in-hand, the bride and groom looked beautiful together

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The two looked absolutely stunning. Throughout the vlog, Irfan keeps mentioning how this vlog is more of a diary for him and for his future kids so he can show them how much effort went into him marrying their mother. The couple made a very smart decision about the wedding expenses – they decided they would only spend money on the things that mattered; they wouldn’t waste money on things that they won’t even remember in the near future. They tied the knot in February of this year and we wish the happy couple a wonderful life together.


You can watch the full video of the Irfan Juenjo wedding over here


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Cover Image Via Irfan Junejo / YouTube

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