Irfan Junejo And His Wife Look Absolutely Stunning In Their Wedding Pictures And Fans Can't Help But Say “MashAllah”

By Aam Nawab | 23 Feb, 2019

Renowned Pakistani YouTuber and vlogger, Irfan Junejo, recently announced that he won’t be a part of the Pakistan Super League due to the fact that he was getting married in February.

From the get-go, his fans were super excited for him and couldn’t wait for the pictures. Now, finally, after a week, official pictures have been released.

Junejo was captured in this solo picture – confident and, well, ready.

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single (1990-2019)

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However, Ali Chaudhry, the photographer, managed to brilliantly capture the new couple’s first moments as bride and groom as well.

Junejo shared the following picture on his Instagram account with the caption, “Lucky me.”

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Lucky me ❤️

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Without a doubt, the couple looks absolutely stunning. We also finally get to see his wife too, which is great! The caption, too, is a perfect way to let his fans know how he truly feels. And honestly, it’s all just very cute, yaar.

Look at both of them in their shades. 

And this kinda sorta candid(ish) picture, too. Adorbs.

Also, look at this hella regal shot. 

We even got to see the bride and groom perform a rasam.

Ever since the pictures began circulating, Junejo’s fans are overjoyed and are sending him love, prayers and well wishes. Across all social media platforms, his fans are reaching out to convey their happiness.

Some people felt speechless, but managed to put their thoughts together in a tweet to convey how happy they were.

Others simply congratulated the two.

Some fans praised the two as well.

Others shared their appreciation for Junejo.

People whose lives Junejo has touched also reached out.

Others made the same PSL joke, lol.

Some people couldn’t believe it.

Others put their feelings behind them to wish the happy couple.

It truly is a momentous occasion for the two, and I’m sure Junejo’s fans want to feel included in this huge milestone. Perhaps we can all expect a vlog soon.

Regardless, congratulations to the happy couple!


Irfan Junejo Announced Why He Won’t Be A Part Of PSL This Year And Pakistanis Are Congratulating Him

Cover image via Ali Chaudry Films/Instagram

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