Iqra Aziz Recorded Ushna Shah Dancing In A Hotel Room And Pakistanis Are Angry AF

By Iman Zia | 11 Aug, 2018

Ushna Shah is the latest victim of cyberbullying and hate, and it’s honestly for the most ridiculous reason. People really seem to have ZERO chill these days, especially when it comes to the volatile opinions they harbor about Pakistani celebrities – opinions they’re ready to unleash like rabid dogs. If you’re a Pakistani celebrity, you can’t even breathe without being subjected to unjust hate, that’s just how it is these days.


UPDATE: The video has been removed

The video showcased actress Ushna Shah harmlessly dancing and having fun – it’s important to condemn all the backlash the video received. Cyber bullying must end.


Iqra Aziz and Ushna Shah posted a series of fun stories on their Instagram accounts where they were chilling in a hotel room in Bangkok

The two actresses each uploaded their own stories, and Iqra’s one had Ushna letting loose and dancing it out in their hotel room. Ushna asks “what are you doing Iqra, what are you doing Iqra” to which Iqra responds “I’m kind of just stalking you…”


The video was reshared by @allpakdramapage on Instagram, whereby it received incredible backlash, as disturbing comments seeped through regarding both actresses.


Uncomfortable comments were made about both actresses…

Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


With a few stating that both were part of the satanic cult, the Illuminati

Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


And others blaming the harmless fun they were having on the fact that they had become blinded by money

Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


Distasteful uses of the word ‘rape’ also made the comments section

Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


…As did the word ‘ghashti’

Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


A few also decided to blame Ushna having fun on ‘nashay’ and ‘sasti chars’

Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram



What are your thoughts on the comments made?


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