Iqra Aziz Just Responded To Rumors About Farhan Saeed Not Being In “Suno Chanda” Season 2

By Iman Zia | 5 Apr, 2019

It’s been an honest test of patience for all ‘Suno Chanda’ fans – the show aired last year during Ramazan and was an INSTANT hit. The drama became the most watched drama since ‘Yakeen Ka Safar,’ and became monumental in a new age of Pakistani viewing pleasure. Starring Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed, the show gave us dollops of comedy, romance, pain and pretty much every emotion you could serve in what became a thrilling post-iftaari platter for all of us.


When ‘Suno Chanda’ came to an unfortunate end, audiences were left reeling in rewatches and pining for another show that emoted a similar feeling; in particular the homeliness the ensemble cast left behind.

Various rumors followed months later regarding the possibility of a second season – a relatively new phenomenon in Pakistani television. Its on-screen pair Iqra and Farhan were constantly hammered about whether or not they’d be up for a second season, or if Momina Duraid was even considering it. It all seemed too good to be true really…

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While both actors were up for a second season, titan producer Momina Duraid made all our dreams come true after confirming to BBC Asian Network journalist Haroon Rashid that ‘Suno Chanda’ would be returning for a second season.

The ensemble cast would be returning, and while that’s all we know so far, it’s enough to keep all of us going – the show might return for next Ramazan, and although it’s quite a long wait, the fact that the same cast will be setting our telly screens on fire once more is honestly worth the suspense.


Shooting for the second season is now fully underway, and various cast members like our ammi Nadia Afgan and hottie McHottie Nabeel Zuberi, have been posting BTS scenes for all of us to indulge in as we wait.


After we pulled a wee little prank on everyone by announcing that Iqra and Farhan were not a part of the second season (for April Fools), we got a confirmation from our queen Iqra herself…

Iqra confirmed that she was a part of the second season (LOL), and we told her we were just pranking all you ‘Suno Chanda’ fans for fun! However, BTS pictures and videos of the latest spell have not included Farhan as yet – only spinning rumors that he was no longer associated with the drama.


Iqra sat down during the shoot with various media publications and divulged information about the second season.

She anticipated her excitement and confirmed that the second season would be even crazier than the first. She said, “it will be so much more than it was, with more laughter, bohot saara pyaar and lots of heart-wrenching moments.” The joint-family will be much bigger than before, with an addition of new characters. The rishtas in this season will be harder to maintain, but Iqra is certain that fans will fall in love all over again with the new season.

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The actress confirmed that Farhan WAS also a part of the second season, dispelling any false rumors that he was not a part of it.

Iqra delightfully said that Farhan was indeed a part of the second season, and said that there would be so much more chemistry between the two (YAY)!

Source: @CelebDhaba/YouTube


Here’s the full interview:


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