Arsal-Jia Fans, Rejoice! Iqra Is Working Again With Farhan And She Looks Beautiful (Despite The Video Being SO LOL)

By Iman Zia | 23 Jul, 2018

If you’re missing ‘Suno Chanda’ and all things Iqra-Farhan (as we are 24/7) well then, this new music video will honestly have you brimming in delight. Farhan Saeed has just added another feather to his cap as he sat on the director’s chair for the first time for music video ‘O Jaana,’ sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Hamza Malik. The singer-turned-actor-now-turned-director honed out a sweet little video (not bad for his directorial debut) starring Hamza and previous co-star Iqra Aziz.


So while the story is a little off, Iqra does look stunning and honestly, so proud of Farhan for this…let’s get into it shall we?


So the basic gist of the story is around a flower boy (Hamza)

Source: Rohit Kishnani Productions


Who’s in love with a waitress (Iqra)…

Source: Rohit Kishnani Productions


And basically, Hamza catches her one day after work ogling at a window display with a fancy dress – that’s too expensive

Source: Rohit Kishnani Productions


So a disheartened Iqra sighs and walks away because she can’t afford it

Source: Rohit Kishnani Productions


Hamza decides to tip her twice with two HUGE AF notes (a bit of a weird thing to do tbh lol) so she can buy the dress…

Source: Rohit Kishnani Productions


And like, she has NO idea what the tip is for until she then catches Hamza ogling at the same window display (massive twist)

Source: Rohit Kishnani Productions


And then she’s like SUPER confused like WHAT IS GOING ON HE LOVES ME HE LOVES ME NOT

Source: Rohit Kishnani Productions


So she figures out the puzzle…and then Hamza is at the coffee shop where Iqra works and he’s like OMG where is Iqra what’s she doing has she died

Source: Rohit Kishnani Productions


…Because she isn’t there and then BAM (he is PISSED)

Source: Rohit Kishnani Productions 


…He’s at work later and Iqra arrives wearing that dress, (looking gorgeous AF might we add)

Source: Rohit Kishnani Productions


Despite the rather questionable plot, WE SO PROUD OF YOU FARHAN! Also, the song is dope and Iqra looks BEAUTIFUL! Have a listen now


What do you think of the music video?


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